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Which STAR Committee Member Are You?

12 December 2020

Haven’t you always wanted to know which member of the illustrious STAR Committee you would be in another life? No? Well, you clicked on the article, so you must be a little bit curious at least. Follow the links below to discover your STAR alter-ego! (Note: You may need to scroll up slightly after you […]

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Quiz: Are you the Ultimate Star Wars Fan?

11 December 2020

Star Wars Trivia How much do you know about Star Wars?  Why is Mace Windu's lightsaber purple? Because he is wise Because he is brave Because he is a warrior Because Samuel L. Jackson wanted it to be When Princess Leia tells Han Solo "I love you" how does Han respond? I know I love [...]
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Quiz: How Well Do You Know The DC Universe?

10 December 2020

Test your DC Superhero Knowledge How well do you know your DC superheroes? What planet does Superman come from? Candor Kyrptonite Krypton Earth What is Wonder Woman's secret identity? Donna Troy Diana Prince Lois Lane Vicki Vale After quitting the role of "Robin," what hero did Dick Grayson become? Nightwing Knightwing Spoiler Drake What are [...]
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Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Marvel Universe?

9 December 2020

Test your Marvel Knowledge How well do you really know Marvel?  The _____________ Spiderman Fabulous Neighborhood Fantastic Friendly New York Friendly Neighborhood Who is the leader of the X Men? Cyclops Wolverine Storm Jean Grey When was Captain America first introduced? WWI WWII The Korean War The Vietnam War In the MCU, how does Black [...]
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Quiz: Which Colour Pablo Are You?

8 December 2020

Which Pablo Are You? Ever wondered which colour/flavour Pablo you would be? Well, now you can find out. Don't worry if you don't get pink, not everyone is perfect! What Are You Drinking At Pre's? Beer Cider White Wine Red Wine Vodka & Mixer Cocktails What Song Do You Request? Mr Brightside - The Killers [...]
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Quiz: Are You Really A Potterhead?

7 December 2020

Are you Really a Potterhead? Test your Harry Potter knowledge!! How many staircases are there inside Hogwarts? 167 142 78 112 What is the most used spell in Harry Potter? Expelliarmus Obliviate Expecto Patronum Crucio What is Nearly Headless Nick's full name? Sir Nicholas Roberts Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington Sir Nicholas Stronston Lewis Sir Nicholas [...]
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10 Questions: Physics

6 December 2020

How Much Do You Know About Physics? Exams are hard. Take a break and answer 10 questions about Physics instead! What does LASER stand for? Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation Light amplification by super-excitement of radon Luminosity advanced by stimulating extra radiation What is the SI unit of resistance? Watts Ohms Siemens Is [...]
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10 Questions: Chemistry

5 December 2020

How Much Do You Know About Chemistry? Exams are hard. Take a break and answer 10 questions about Chemistry instead! How much salt is in the average human body? Almost none 250g 500g The chemical symbol Sb stands for stibnum. What is the modern name of this element? Antimony Samarium Tin Which of these is [...]
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10 Questions: Biology

4 December 2020

How Much Do You Know About Biology? Exams are hard. Take a break and answer 10 questions about Biology instead! Hansen's disease is more commonly known by which name? Polio Leprosy Diabetes True or False: Snails have teeth True False How many bones does a baby have? 305 206 159 Which animal was cloned first? [...]
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20 Questions: History

2 December 2020

How Much Do You Know About History? Exams are hard. Take a break and answer 20 questions about History instead! How many republics made up the Soviet Union? 12 15 20 When was the first Nobel Prize in economics awarded? 1969 1949 1929 Which country was Simón Bolívar president of? Bolivia Chile Peru Who was [...]
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