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Olivia’s Playlist

18 April 2021

Music is such a mood booster! Putting on a good tune can lift your spirits, especially right now given the lockdown and the rainy and melancholy weather. Music is a great way of expressing who we are and how we see the world.  So check out my playlist! French Music Favorite artist-Joyce Jonathon Favorite song- […]

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Ten Songs for your “Moody Beach Walk” Playlist

14 April 2021

Prior to this year, grabbing a coffee with a friend and walking down West Sands was a welcome break from hours spent in lectures and the library. Now, when managing to book a seat at the library brings the same rush as seeing Cascada perform live in 601, my relationship with the term “beach walk” […]

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Which Supermarket Has the Best Cookie?

13 April 2021

Welcome! You have clicked here to find out the judge’s (me) comment on the grocers’ cookies you can find in St Andrews (and also others located across UK). It has taken me 4 years to decide that I want to invest a bit in cookies and compare the ones you can find in markets. Although […]

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Books Around the World

5 April 2021

Recently, I’ve been trying to read more books from around the world, and I’ve ended up finding some which I’m now constantly recommending to people. If you’re interested in travel, want to find books from authors outside of the UK, or even if you’re just looking for something new to read in lockdown, here are […]

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Let the Good Times In: A Classic Playlist for the Optimists

30 March 2021

I don’t know about you, but the combination of brighter days, lighter nights, and wee Nicola’s most recent announcement on the new ‘roadmap’ has begun to restore my optimistic streak to pre-lockdown levels. From what I can see, the feeling is contagious. The prospect of getting back to all the things we used to take […]

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Bring Back The 90s With This Playlist

24 March 2021

There is a lot of great music being made today, and streaming platforms like Spotify make finding fresh music easier than ever. However, the internet also makes it easy to discover, or rediscover, music released decades ago, and this week I’ve been enjoying some sounds of the 90s. Naturally, I made a Spotify playlist (surprise) […]

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Britain’s Best Barely Known Bands

23 March 2021

This week I have really missed live music. Not sell-out stadium tours or warehouses with pulsing techno beats but cramming into a tiny venue and feeling like you’re discovering something.  I miss paying a fiver to support the dreams of Britain’s musicians. I miss the pleasant surprise I feel when said local band turns out […]

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Listening Rec: Triple J’s Like a Version

17 March 2021

Triple J’s Like a Version is an Australian radio show that each week invites a different artist onto the show to play two live songs: one of their own, and a cover of their choosing. Featuring artists from Glass Animals to Bon Iver to Mumford and Sons, Triple J has amassed an impressive collection of […]

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Hints of Spring: 3 Albums I’m Listening to for a Bit of Pre-Spring Prep

9 March 2021

It might only be the beginning of March, but Spring is a mere seventeen days away, and boy am I ready. It’s been hinting its existence for a little while now, clear days where the temperature is that perfect neutral, the evening staying light later and later, and the unmistakable restless impatience of people ready […]

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Student-Run Businesses You Need To See (Part 2)

5 March 2021

This is part two of my attempt to compile a list of businesses being run by St Andrews students. In this article, I’m highlighting service-based businesses, and a couple of brands which will be launching in the very near future. Blackmoorxart If you’re looking for art commissions in St Andrews, 3rd year student Hanabi Blackmoor […]

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