Welcome! You have clicked here to find out the judge’s (me) comment on the grocers’ cookies you can find in St Andrews (and also others located across UK). It has taken me 4 years to decide that I want to invest a bit in cookies and compare the ones you can find in markets. Although you should know, before proceeding, that my reviews may be inconsistent and carry comments on other pastries (such inconsistency, I apologise) I’ve given each that I’d tried an award too, so keep reading if you’ll like to find out which got the best award!


Well, look who we have. The supermarket that everyone frequents in the small town. I’ve tried the triple chocolate cookie, which was pretty good. It was what made me want to try out the other grocers’ cookies and compare them. However, I have forgotten the taste of this one to really describe it page1image37127808(apologies!) Although I would definitely recommend their chocolate-filled crepes! They are my favourite (along with Aldi’s) among the grocers you can find here in St Andrews.

And so, it wins the award: The finest in the town centre


One thing for sure about Sainsbury’s pastry is that if you go in the morning, their cookies are freshly baked and hot out of the oven. One downside is that their cookies get their taste mainly from the chunks of chocolate on it than the dough. Luckily, they are generous with the chocolate chunks in a single cookie, so you’ll be able to get a fair share of different chocolate flavours from the cookie (turn that frown upside down!). They’re also the perfect cookie texture – hard on the outside and soft on the inside page2image36781712I have also tried their white chocolate raspberry cookie – certainly delish! Besides the cookies, I’ve tried the special edition Maltesers cookie, but that was just meh (though it’s still a decent cookie). Also, in case you haven’t heard from your friends, they’ve got THE BEST ring doughnuts (and they’re cheap too!)

And so, it wins the award: Taste the Difference, Early birds!


As its bakery’s name is, Morrisons’ cookies are certainly some of the bests. You get the cocoa flavour from the dough, there’s a load of chunks too and they’re the kind of cookie everyone would love – hard on the outside, soft on the inside. If you want a good cookie, this should probably be your go-to in St Andrews.

And so, it wins the award: The Best Cookie


During winter break, I was given the opportunity to widen my horizon of cookies sold in grocers around the UK. So I’ve tried the Triple Belgian Chocolate from Asda and it tasted the same, if not better, as Morrisons. Hence, Asda gets the award for Extra Special beats the Best. Waitrose certainly wins the award for The Fanciest Cookie – pricey for just a single cookie but it has a gooey texture and there’s also a faint coffee flavour in the cookie (which was one of the factors that made it fancy). M&S bakery cookies are also really amazing, packed with loads of sweetness and texture. It wins the award for Sweet tooth likes me better. If you’re not too fond of really sweet food, best to have this with a friend instead of getting a bag of cookies all for yourself. I am not actually sure if the M&S bakery at St Andrews sells cookies, so I’ll recommend another thing – they’ve also got yummy chocolate chunk shortbread!

That is all from me, I apologize that I could not give you the price for the cookies or pastries I’ve tried. To all the wonders of the pastries and cookies, I hope my review was quite helpful and has got your curiosity covered. Go get yourself a cookie now!