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Student-Run Businesses You Need To See (Part 1)

4 March 2021

Recently, I’ve been noticing some Instagram pages popping up for businesses being run by St Andrews students. After watching these pages grow for a while, I began wondering: how many other businesses are out there that I haven’t stumbled across yet? As soon as I started researching, I saw that just as I had imagined, there were loads […]

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Timely Escapism

1 March 2021

We all need a bit of escapism right now and, for many, the destination of choice has been the land of fiction. Before I continue, I will admit that I’m a historian at heart. Degree aside, I have always been fascinated by the past and the people in it. And I’m by no means the […]

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Five TV Series You Need to Watch

21 February 2021

I thought I’d recommend some of my favourite TV series if you fancy a break from studying! My sense of humour is pretty light-hearted, and I quite like slapstick comedy, so most of these recommendations follow that type of humour and comedy just to give you guys a head’s up! Insatiable Although I know quite […]

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A Love Letter to Noah Kahan’s Busyhead

15 February 2021

At first glance Noah Kahan seems to fit seamlessly into the tradition of artists such as James Blunt, James Bay, and all the other James’ who make up Spotify playlists like “Coffeeshop Feels” and “Cozy Autumn Leaves.” While I’m an avid listener of the James’ and admittedly have about four variations of playlists devoted to […]

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Aarushi’s Playlist

13 February 2021

As February rolls around and we all begin to question the passage of time and our own existences once again, I bring you a list of some of my favourite songs that bring some hope as we head into this increasingly difficult semester. Exeunt by The Hellos: This song is beautiful, like all of their […]

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Top 10 K.K. Songs

6 February 2021

It’s been kind of a rough ride from last March to today, for reasons I won’t elaborate on. Luckily, we were blessed with a new Animal Crossing game mid-pandemic, so, you know, it almost balances out. The opportunity to replace your everyday concerns with bug catching and fishing is every escapist’s dream. And god knows […]

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4 Book-to-Television Pairs to Delve Into this Month

2 February 2021

Here’s a question: should you read the book before you watch the new HBO adaptation the internet has been raving about? Book and television fans everywhere have been engaging in this debate since the dawn of time. Purists will tell you it’s a sin not to read the book first, while television fans will ask […]

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Entertainment Highlights of my Winter Break

1 February 2021

Coming home for the holidays has always been a time for relaxation and reflection, but even more so this year. With reduced opportunities for social interaction and events, it proved the perfect time to go back to my bucket list of books, movies and shows that I’ve been wanting to watch and read for ages […]

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The Best Songs of 2020

31 January 2021

Last year I wrote “Top 10 Worst Songs of 2019” for The Record and people seemed to really like the article. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a harsh critical analysis of pop music and I was fully prepared to make the same list again for 2020. However, we all know how sh*t 2020 was […]

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The Next Best Thing to Culinary School

25 January 2021

“Anyone can cook.” I take chef Gusteau’s famous motto from Ratatouille seriously. If you can hold a knife and read, then you can cook. That’s really all there is to it at the most basic level. Even if you’re a busy student with no experience in the kitchen, I promise you have the time to […]

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