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The Laundry Machines of St Andrews Are Broken and So is The System

9 October 2019

Sometimes you just get frustrated. Like, things are supposed to get better, aren’t they? Even if it’s gradual, even if it’s tortuous. The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice, as MLK said. We shall overcome. Onwards and upwards. Ever to excel. That sort of thing.  And yet, here we are. When […]

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Democratic Primaries: Where Are We Now?

3 October 2019

Even with the current media cycle being dominated by president Trump’s impeachment threat, the 2020 democratic primaries have been trucking on. We’ve reviewed the news cycle, gone through the polls, and even sat down with Democrats Overseas (DO) president Camilla Duke to summarize what Americans in St Andrews need to know to stay on top […]

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A Ukrainian Abroad: Conversations in Russia and Why Talking Matters

2 October 2019

I really didn’t think I would be going to Russia this summer. Being Ukrainian, I had dispelled the notion as a betrayal of my country years ago when someone had suggested the idea. To be clear, although my family and I have been living in Sweden for the last 19 years (I am a Swedish […]

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Preview: Democracy, Voting, and Representation in the Past and Present

2 October 2019

On Monday the 7th of October the School of Classics is teaming up with the Students’ Association to discuss the importance of democratic engagement within our society, and the consequences for us all if it is not kept alive.  I reached out to Students Association President and guest speaker at the event, Jamie Rodney, to […]

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“The biggest Strike St Andrews has ever seen”

29 September 2019

The 20thof September marked a day of global climate strikes, forming the biggest collective climate strike on record. In St Andrews, we too made history. A line in the sand was formed for climate change, made up of over 1200 people along West Sands, a symbolic action and silent strike to reflect on what climate […]

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A Definitive Guide to Every Bar in St Andrews

25 September 2019

Autumn has arrived with the fresh young faces of the newest generation of St Andrews students. You’ve just arrived in town with plenty of student loan money to spend irresponsibly. Problem is: where do you drink. To save you years of research I have decided to share my expertise on one of the great loves […]

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Review: STARFIELDS 2019

20 September 2019

As the hands of the clock on St Salvator’s Chapel crossed 4 PM, the quadrangle was filled with anticipation. Early attendees eagerly scoped out the food options, bar and entertainment, while staff placed finishing touches on stands and equipment. The overcast sky and blustering winds did little to stifle the growing atmosphere as the sun […]

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Common Objections to Axing the Tampon Tax — And What You Can Say in Response

15 September 2019

This Summer I worked for a Law & Policy organization called Period Equity. Period Equity is an organization that fights for all kinds of issues surrounding menstrual equity, but currently our main focus is on getting rid of the luxury sales tax on tampons and other menstrual products. While Period Equity is an American organization, I […]

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Preview: STARFIELDS 2019

12 September 2019

With nearly 2.3 thousand tickets sold, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s STARFIELDS 2019 promises to end Fresher’s Week in a 6 hour, 6 act blaze of house and electronica. Attendees will step into Lower College Lawn and be transported to “The Greatest Event of Freshers Week”. To prepare and inform our readers for this […]

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An Ode to Nancy Thompson: The Best Final Girl

3 September 2019

Picture it. You’re running down a dark alleyway in a big city. Maybe it’s the dark forest at the edge of a campsite, or a haunted hallway in a creaky old house. Could even be a spaceship – take your pick. A deranged killer with a fun gimmick and a bomb-ass soundtrack is stalking you […]

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