As we moved on with our daily lives, the coronavirus developed unseen from view – passing from one creature to the next. It gave us an understanding of the breadth of its breeding ground, spanning continents, from a small-town neighborhood to an entire country itself. Metaphorically, it resembled a grandiose revenant, devouring its victims at a great pace, moving vigorously through the population like an abscess or growth continuing to spread.

These unforeseen circumstances have shown how powerless the human race can be in the face of such adversity. It is difficult to adjust and come to terms with a ‘new normal’ when life can never quite be the same again. One can only yearn for those pre-coronavirus times, where all other world affairs paled in comparison to what confronts us today. For those of us who finished school this year, it’s hard to say what the future will bring. It seems that all of us have the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads; any move in the wrong direction could cost us our lives.

Watching the news or switching on the television is a distressing task, where staggering headlines provide little room for comfort. Many people choose to live in the dark and remain uninformed, rather than suffocate under the weight of statistics that seem to move exponentially upwards. Walking down a deserted street, feeling one’s heart settle to the bottom of the ocean at the prospect of a house being marked as ‘dangerous. It is a description with an uncanny resemblance to that used in the Black Plague – the only difference being that the red crosses on doors are replaced with a disturbing cautionary notice. Its mere sight is enough to send shivers down the spines of even the most dauntless of men.

For some of us, this is the longest time we’ve spent at home but certainly not in the way we expected. What would have been a much-awaited break from school has slowly been clouded with uncertainty. It seems like science fiction gone unbearably wrong, where routine courtesies like handshakes or casual embraces can be a life-threatening call. A task such as buying groceries or stepping outside for a run requires utmost care, as we face the fragility of our existence. Some people would refer to it as an apocalyptic disaster, like a wave that sweeps the land and brings with it a set of misfortunes.

However, on a positive note, it is essential to understand that this pandemic serves as a challenge to right our wrongs, reflect on our choices, and be grateful for all that we once took for granted. It is a chance to see a changing world with a whole new set of eyes and a fresh perspective.

Amidst the economic losses and locust invasions, this year has brought with it unbelievable circumstances some of which only seemed possible in works of fiction. It is hard to believe that we are living in a time that will be chronicled in school textbooks and research laboratories – a time that shall be recounted endlessly as our greatest tragedy and biggest lesson.