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Starlings in Quarantine

Starlings in Quarantine: Anna Rose Harris

21 August 2020

Possibly the main reason I decided to run for SSC Broadcasting Officer back in March was because of how much I love working with all the Starlings. The wonderful community built around creativity and exciting events has, for me, always been a main draw of STAR. Finding out within a week or so of getting […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Daniel Muir

16 August 2020

As lockdown is gradually lifted and we approach the start of the term, I feel there isn’t a great amount that can be said that hasn’t been covered over the course of this series of articles. For me, quarantine has been a slow, grumbling ride. The consolation that can be taken in trying to describe […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Niamh Yates

28 July 2020

It has been over 4 months now since St Patrick’s Day celebrations in St Andrews were cancelled and our university closed its doors for the foreseeable future. At least… I think it’s been 4 months, as Jeremy Usborne (Robert Webb) of Peep Show explained in an old clip that popped up on my Facebook Watch […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Maddie Mccall

22 July 2020

“Oh wait, let me grab my mask.” A simple six-word phrase none of us thought we would have engrained in our brains, but here we are. Here we are in a world that seems so uncertain, full of dull daily routines and bright phone screens at 3am. But then again, here we are in a […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Katie McAdam

16 July 2020

My first year in St Andrews abridged, I’ve returned across the Forth to Edinburgh. Following the news of a looming global lockdown, the halls emptied as people rushed to make the last flights home. The corridors became silent. Without my friends, the old building intimidated me. I just wanted to go home. As I put […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Eli Thayer

11 July 2020

I stayed up late last night.  That’s been a recurring theme over these last few months. It’s an easy habit to slip into at the moment, seeing as there’s nowhere to go, nobody to see, and little to do each day. As contact with the outside world falls further into memory, other notions of regularity […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Madeline Pennino

5 July 2020

At the start of every new school year I worry that I am not ready for its challenges. I worry I won’t know how to accommodate a different teacher’s style, that I will be overwhelmed with work and unsure how to manage my stress. Every year I convince myself that I am ill-prepared to take […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Mira Mansfield

28 June 2020

While term was ongoing and university work was still taking up most of my time, I felt untouched by the pandemic. Though I read the news and regularly listened to the increasingly unhelpful Downing Street daily briefings, there was nothing tangible in my day-to-day life to suggest anything was different. To me, this was just […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Jamie Rees

9 June 2020

I am writing this from my tiny room in Peebles, in the Scottish Borders, after what could only be described as a rollercoaster of a day. It’s a weird phrase to associate with a time during which I have achieved next-to-nothing, but that’s the nature of the lockdown brain, I suppose. I began the day […]

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Starlings In Quarantine: Sairaa Bains

4 June 2020

As we moved on with our daily lives, the coronavirus developed unseen from view – passing from one creature to the next. It gave us an understanding of the breadth of its breeding ground, spanning continents, from a small-town neighborhood to an entire country itself. Metaphorically, it resembled a grandiose revenant, devouring its victims at […]

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