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A Gentle Reminder That You Don’t Have To Lose Weight This January

16 January 2021

Welcome. You’ve made it to January 2021. It’s the new year. I wouldn’t go as far to say all is right with the world, actually that would be a complete lie. However, there is a sense of newness that comes with every month of January, despite if that newness is felt within the confines of […]

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The Power of Vitamins

21 November 2020

Vitamins: from when we are little kids, we are all told about the importance of them. Your parents might have done this by forcing you to eat your vegetables or by giving you the little gummies that you could only have one of a day, even though you thought they were candy and wanted them […]

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12 November 2020

With the beginning of November comes the flooding of timelines with posts from friends sporting questionable moustaches, raising awareness and funds for Movember campaigns. The Movember movement began in Australia in 2003 and has since become a worldwide event. Movember is the dedication of the month of November to raising awareness and funds for men’s […]

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For The Record: Controversy, Conference & Campaigning

4 October 2020

It can be hard to keep up with the news. Thats why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’.  Local The main stories in local news this week continued to focus on the growing outbreak of coronavirus cases at the university. Total cases rose […]

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Corona-Fuelled Despair, Everywhere I Look Around

14 August 2020

In 2017, I had something of a mental breakdown. I could not afford to go travelling after finishing my A Levels, so it seemed like the next best thing. The term ‘breakdown’ implies something of a spectacle in the context of mental health, but in reality, mine was neither dramatic nor sudden. It was not […]

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Top 10 Fitness Videos For The Physically Unfit

13 August 2020

Like many people, I took lockdown as an opportunity to try and get abs. While I never fulfilled my ab destiny, I did watch hours of fitness videos in an attempt to inspire me into working out, with varying degrees of success. The videos that I have therefore chosen are incredibly biased, but I found […]

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Starlings in Quarantine: Niamh Yates

28 July 2020

It has been over 4 months now since St Patrick’s Day celebrations in St Andrews were cancelled and our university closed its doors for the foreseeable future. At least… I think it’s been 4 months, as Jeremy Usborne (Robert Webb) of Peep Show explained in an old clip that popped up on my Facebook Watch […]

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Lucy’s Mind Lab: Please Stand By for this Public Service Announcement

25 April 2018

  Mark is just like you and me, going about his day, completely unaware of the microscopic world waging a war against him and the rest of the human race.  These tiny organisms have the power to take us to an age where minor operations result in death, and childbirth is a gamble.  In order […]

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