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Mental Health

Social Media Is Harmful. Why Can’t We Give It Up?

13 January 2021

Social media is harmful. Why can’t we give it up? Either, we believe that its positives as a ‘social tool’ outweigh the negatives and justify its use. Or, we are ‘in too deep’, too addicted and reliant on social media to delete it or even acknowledge an issue. Assuming you came here from Facebook, I […]

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12 November 2020

With the beginning of November comes the flooding of timelines with posts from friends sporting questionable moustaches, raising awareness and funds for Movember campaigns. The Movember movement began in Australia in 2003 and has since become a worldwide event. Movember is the dedication of the month of November to raising awareness and funds for men’s […]

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Treat Yo’ Self 2020

7 November 2020

These are troubling times! I’m sure coronavirus content is probably far too ubiquitous for everyone’s liking – mine included. Therefore, in this article I have some recommendations for taking time to yourself, relaxing, and providing some self-care. I will be taking on the figure of your guardian angel and providing you with some remedies to make the […]

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For The Love Of Hugs

6 October 2020

It’s a strange world we are currently living in. Stranger than normal. The strangest part for me is the thing I didn’t think I would miss – hugs. Physical interaction in general. A tap on the shoulder or a drunken group hug after a night out. I haven’t been the only one feeling the absence of human interaction […]

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Corona-Fuelled Despair, Everywhere I Look Around

14 August 2020

In 2017, I had something of a mental breakdown. I could not afford to go travelling after finishing my A Levels, so it seemed like the next best thing. The term ‘breakdown’ implies something of a spectacle in the context of mental health, but in reality, mine was neither dramatic nor sudden. It was not […]

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“I Don’t Like Mondays”

21 August 2017

Taylor Davant In trying to figure out how messed up the world was the last time America witnessed a total eclipse of the sun, I fell into a Wikipedia hole and somehow rediscovered the story that inspired one of my favourite songs. So settle in while I put on way too much eyeliner and the […]

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