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On The Rocks

Review: On The Pebbles

19 November 2019

This autumn’s On The Rocks preview event, On The Pebbles, dotted the town this past Saturday with pop-up events led by various art communities across town. The events, which offered both hands on and hands off creativity, brought the town well into the winter’s coming festive season with lights, food, drinks, and plenty of live music. […]

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Preview: On the Pebbles

14 November 2019

On The Rocks is back in St Andrews with their autumn preview of April’s annual festival. On The Pebbles, their November event this Saturday (November 16th), will consist of seven events held in various locations around town, and in conjunction with some of our most prominent and exciting student art societies. The best part? This year’s […]

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An Interview with On the Rocks

20 November 2017

Cady Crowley This year’s On the Rocks Festival is coming early to St Andrews, with a fall semester event taking over the town Saturday, November 18th. We took the time to find out what you’ll need to make the most of your On The Rocks experience by interviewing the Head of Events, Oliver Savage, so […]

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On The Rocks Opens Subcommittee Applications

15 September 2016

Get involved in Scotland’s largest student run arts festival.

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12 April 2015

The performance of Oleanna, a play by the brilliant David Mamet, went up on April 10th in the Byre Studio. Having read the play, I was excited to see how the director Matthew Knapp would portray the characters; as the play leaves much to your own interpretation, which creates a completely different reaction depending on […]

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11 April 2015

The event page on Facebook for the recent On The Rocks production of Salomé, Oscar Wilde’s retelling of the Biblical Feast of Herod, ambitiously advertised it as “more than a play, a religious experience.” Though few shows could meet that kind of bar, what I saw was certainly a play, and if it was anything […]

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9 April 2015

I have never reviewed something before. Nor did I know if somebody was already going to review Two that night for STAR. However, I went to see Two and felt compelled to write a review for this play. As a precursor, it should be noted that I have a huge amount of bias in regards to this […]

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On The Rocks Caricature Workshop

9 April 2015

The first thing you notice as you walk through the familiar doors of the Barron Theatre is the French folk music playing in the background, transforming the small and intimate theatre into a street scene from a foreign language film. A just small enough group of 14 amateur artists and keen beginners are gathered around […]

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Jamnesty: Presented by Amnesty International

8 April 2015

Jamnesty, presented by Amnesty International, delivered a relaxed and enjoyable evening of live music last Saturday night as one of the first events on the On The Rocks line-up. Last year’s hit premiere of Jamnesty was held in the ‘Building Site Bar’ and was a genuinely great live music event that matched the lively and […]

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