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Five TV Series You Need to Watch

21 February 2021

I thought I’d recommend some of my favourite TV series if you fancy a break from studying! My sense of humour is pretty light-hearted, and I quite like slapstick comedy, so most of these recommendations follow that type of humour and comedy just to give you guys a head’s up! Insatiable Although I know quite […]

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The Best Songs of 2020

31 January 2021

Last year I wrote “Top 10 Worst Songs of 2019” for The Record and people seemed to really like the article. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a harsh critical analysis of pop music and I was fully prepared to make the same list again for 2020. However, we all know how sh*t 2020 was […]

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Review: Theory of Love

23 November 2020

“Theory Of Love” is another Thai BL series that I discovered during isolation. Aired from June until August 2019, the show follows the story of Third, a third-year film major and his close friends, Khai, Bone and Two. For almost three years, Third has had a huge crush on Khai but is not brave enough […]

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Bioshock: Who Lives In A Dystopia Under The Sea?

20 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as his own personal venting outlet, just to show them. To show them all. As our world seems to grow ever closer to biological, ecological and nuclear disaster, you see many normal people like you and me taking courageous steps to improve our worsening situation. There’s you, leading protests against […]

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Review: My Bubble Tea

17 November 2020

A love potion, two handsome young men, and the woman who gets caught in between. These are the main elements of a chaotic love triangle portrayed by My Bubble Tea – the recent Thai rom-com series. “My Bubble Tea” brews an extraordinary love story through its very first episode which aired on May 22, 2020. […]

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Five Cosy Films to Add to Your November Watchlist

11 November 2020

At this point in 2020, all we want to do is go into hibernation for the winter and hope things will magically work themselves out. The number of articles on comfort movies, comfort books, and comfort foods has almost surpassed the number of articles on how to prepare for a global apocalypse, and I’m here […]

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Treat Yo’ Self 2020

7 November 2020

These are troubling times! I’m sure coronavirus content is probably far too ubiquitous for everyone’s liking – mine included. Therefore, in this article I have some recommendations for taking time to yourself, relaxing, and providing some self-care. I will be taking on the figure of your guardian angel and providing you with some remedies to make the […]

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My Comfort Books for an Uncertain World

31 October 2020

It has been a difficult year – especially for us university students, having been catapulted into productivity after months of lost motivation. It’s extremely hard sometimes to extricate yourself from the mindset of the constant urge to be working, especially when your workplace is intermingled with your relaxation space. I just want to stress how […]

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Exploring Edinburgh

29 October 2020

Birthplace of the fried Mars Bar, home to the winding alleyways that inspired Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, and an underground labyrinthine city, Edinburgh boasts an old-worldy feel yet has all the contemporary delights of a cosmopolitan capital. Old Reekie – as Edinburgh was affectionately nicknamed during the Victorian era – is steeped in fascinating history […]

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What To Watch: Hush

16 October 2020

People who don’t enjoy watching horror films often ask – “why would anybody watch something which is solely designed to terrify you?” And it’s a good question. The answer seems to be that watching our worst nightmares play out on-screen has the potential to be cathartic, allowing us to purge ourselves of our own fear […]

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