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Stop Stalling – Try A New Society This Semester

1 October 2020

Ready for a new term at St Andrews? Looking forward to new experiences and making new friends? There are so many different societies and clubs to get involved in. So many choices. Sometimes it can feel kind of overwhelming. However, there is something for everyone. Why not enrich your university experience with a new hobby […]

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President-ing In A Pandemic

3 August 2020

My name is Jamie, and until the 30th of June this year I was President of the Students’ Association at the University of St Andrews. While I wouldn’t say my former job ranks anywhere near the most challenging to do during a pandemic, the experience has at least been interesting enough that I think it’s […]

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Events & Nightlife in St Andrews

13 June 2020

So you’ve got into St Andrews, you know the basic facts and figures, now you want to know the important stuff – what kind of shenanigans can you get into? What are the best events? What’s the nightlife like? Well, Tom – the incoming Director of Events and Services (DoES) – and I are here […]

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Making the Bop Great Again

12 April 2017

Euan Elder  After a long, hard week of lectures and tutorials, sometimes the perfect way to unwind from a stressful week is to enjoy a good ol’ Bop. However, this is no easy task: a good Bop experience always starts before you even enter the union, and endures until the last 50p toastie is served. […]

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