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Astrology: Meaningless or Meaningful?

12 January 2021

The zodiac was created by ancient Babylonians by dividing the sky into twelve sections, which were named after the largest constellation that was present in their section. This calendar tracked time and prediction by observing the planets’ movements, which happened to correspond with events on earth, both positive and negative. The Romans then adopted the […]

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Should Football Be Continuing?

10 January 2021

This conversation between George Watts and Joel Butcher featured on Two’s Kompany, the Sunday 4pm STAR show, and was adapted by Joel. Tune in to hear more like it! Back to Microsoft Teams calls. In the last 12 months, life has made tortoises of all of us. Permanently attached to our homes, being stowed away […]

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Rating Every Version of Mitski’s ‘Class of 2013’

9 January 2021

Music acts as both an emotional outlet for artists, and an emotional conductor for listeners. Though a lot of artists come close, Mitski is one of the only artists who can, without fail, make me feel something. I have a deep emotional connection with almost every single one of her songs, but there’s one that […]

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Review: What Chaos is Imaginary

8 January 2021

Girlpool is a rock duo from Los Angeles, California, formed by the two guitarists and bassists Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad. What Chaos is Imaginary is their third studio album, released in 2019. The album reaches at concepts like getting older and still feeling young, going through physical changes, and learning to love the past […]

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Injustice 2 – No Blood, All Spandex

7 January 2021

This week, Morgan gets into the world of fighting games, most likely as a cry for help. Like any shut-in, cosplaying nerd, I love Batman. And I especially love how he always wants to be taken seriously. But once you see him campy-ing it up with Scooby-Doo in those bizarre 1960s crossover episodes, the scales […]

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A Breakdown (not that kind) of Spotify Playlists

6 January 2021

Who asked? Absolutely nobody. But Joseph Luke, Head of The Record, is exploiting my labour and forcing me to write an article. Although if we’re being honest, in the current climate (read: pandemic) my role as Head of Events is a little… constrained… so I’m happy to oblige. And what other personality trait do I […]

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