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The Top Ten Worst Songs of 2019

15 January 2020

2019 has been an unusual year in pop music. The biggest hits of the year have come from completely fresh artists (Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, to name a few) while the traditional big names in pop have been floundering relative to these newcomers. The charts have become an odd melting point for a […]

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Things to Know About St Andrews

5 January 2020

I asked a hundred people for things they wish they had known when first arriving in St Andrews. At the top, important breakthroughs. At the bottom, Matt not realising we have a Morrisons, despite his flatmate working there. Warning: this list will move all of your instant gratification from next semester to today. You might […]

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Review: November 2019 4th Annual Climate Strike

4 December 2019

The morning of the 29th of November saw the 4th global climate strike in St Andrews, accompanied by sunshine and blue skies. It began at St Salvator’s quad, where third year student and co-founder of Climate Action St Andrews, Léa Weimann, began by addressing the eager crowd. She rallied hearts with her earnest hope and […]

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Climate Action St Andrews Holds Strike: November 2019 Preview

28 November 2019

This Friday, we will once more be met with a call to action by climate activist Greta Thunberg to continue striking on behalf of the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide continuing to enter into the atmosphere. Here in St Andrews, our very own Climate Action group will be holding a strike, starting in Salvator’s Quad at 11am […]

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Corbyn vs Boris vs Twitter

25 November 2019

Over the past week we have seen Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson go head to head on ITV’s live debate, and the pair of them, along with Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Scottish National Party and Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeon, faced tough questions from the BBC audience. I will be analysing the strengths […]

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Why we all need CASH!

25 November 2019

Dan Marshall, a 5th year student studying Astrophysics, set up the Campaign for Affordable Student Housing (CASH), officially launching on the 16th of November with a massive team of students behind him. Dan set up the campaign because he was tired of seeing students having to work long hours and move out of St Andrews just to […]

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