We’re less than a week away from Raisin, a day of wholesome family fun with games, friends, food, bonding, and the occasional beverage. To make sure those beverages are frequent enough, we would like to introduce you to a failsafe Raisin drinking game for families and friends alike, guaranteed to give you a good time on Sunday and a hangover on Monday.


Raisin Drinking Game:


Drink Once if…

-You see another family with people you recognize

-Anybody says the word “raisin”

-Any parent tells their kids to drink

-Any time someone falls over

– any player says “I’m not drunk”

-someone spills booze on themselves (x2 if they spill it on you)

-any member of your family is late to an event

-you pass anyone you’ve ever kissed/hooked up with (down your drink if it’s a full-fledged ex)

-someone uses slang not native to your home country (x2 if you have to have it explained)


Do a shot if…

-any shotglass is seen

-you forget your parent/child’s name

-any player says “I’m not drunk”, and they’re definitely drunk

-you go into the sea

-you’re late to a family event (tsk tsk)

-you’ve gone more than 30 minutes without drinking any alcohol

-anybody brings out unusual boozy paraphernalia (ie gimmick bottle openers)

-any sex toys/contraception seen (bonus shot if they’re used for drinking)


Give a drink if…

-1 drink to any player you can successfully “nose flick prank”, 2 drinks to you if you fail (here’s a video of the nose flick prank, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jReR-zUKPA )

-1 shot to the player of your choice if you can successfully peer pressure someone into downing their drink (3+ gulps)

-1 drink to any player you can convince of a conspiracy theory (1 shot if you made it up on the spot)

-1 drink to anybody you can slyly pickpocket (please do return their stuff)


Down your drink if…

-anybody chunders

-any academic sins (especially incest and stepping on PH)

-anyone has to go home early to nap