This year the School of International Relations is hosting their first Ambassador’s Ball alongside the Foreign Affairs society, aptly themed ‘Around the World in 80 Days‘. Attendees will be taken on their journey from Scotland set to the tune of funk, R&B, jazz, and world music infusions, and dance the night away amid the cross-cultural décor. To get you started on this journey, we’ve had a word with the organizers to get a sense of what to expect come Saturday.

  1. What makes Ambassador’s ball stand out in this year’s spring lineup of events?

It’s the first School of International Relations Ball and we’re so glad to be hosting it! What makes us unique is that we stay true to what makes the School of IR unique – its huge, diverse community. Expect a gorgeous evening of fun, dancing, and great music! We have a spectacular lineup to suit a wide variety of music tastes. Guests will be welcomed with a free glass of wine (or a non-alcoholic alternative) and be treated to a diversity of student talent from our musical acts. And, of course, there will be a ceilidh as well—we may be travelling around the world, but we’ll begin and end right here in Scotland.

With our School being one of the largest in the entire university, it’s important to provide opportunities to socialise outside of academia. Events like this one can go a long way towards creating a school-wide sense of community, not only for undergrads but for postgraduate students as well.

2. This year’s theme is Around the World in 80 Days, perfect for an Foreign Affairs event. What can we expect from this theme?

The School of International Relations is a very diverse and dynamic School with a huge variety of countries represented in our student body! We wanted that internationalism to be reflected in the inaugural Ambassador’s Ball, so we chose a theme that would allow students in IR and from across the university to celebrate those different cultures. The theme is expressed through our decor and through the music—many of our musical acts will be playing international songs. 

3. Are there any suggestions for wardrobe to fit in with this theme’s style?

Guests are more than welcome to dress in their national costume and be an “Ambassador” of their home country!

4. The headlining acts range from ceilidh to jazz to R&B. What tone can we expect from this ball—ie cool and classy, or high energy dancing?

A good mix really! We’ll start with cool and classy jazz tunes and warm up with a ceilidh (always a high-energy endeavor). As the night goes on, guests can cool down with complimentary Jannettas ice cream. We wanted to showcase a wide variety of student talent and musical performers for the inaugural Ambassador’s Ball, so we’ll begin our international journey here in Scotland. After the ceilidh, Jazzworks will be introducing us to some snazzy tunes of a truly global genre. Student funk band Whaleshark Daddy is returning for an encore performance after a rocking show at our sellout launch party. Then we have TIGRE a house DJ (and fellow IR student) who will be spinning some dance tunes later in the night. Finally, our Brooklyn-based headliner, .j//QUOW, will close us out with his signature blend of ‘urban jungle’ R&B/pop/hip hop beats.

5. What are you most excited for people to see when they reach the Old Course Hotel this Saturday at the venue?

Our spectacular decorations, performers, and photo booth! We’re going to have a world map on which guests will be encouraged to place a sticker marking their home country. That will really highlight the diverse nature of our School and of the university as a whole, since everyone is welcome at the ball!

6. Anything else you want people to keep in mind as they get ready for this year’s Foreign Affairs Ambassador’s Ball?

The School of International Relations is actually collaborating with the Foreign Affairs Society for this event! They’ve been a huge help, and we’re looking forward to continuing that close relationship into next year and beyond.

Tickets to Ambassador’s Ball 2019 are still available, so don’t miss your chance to make the first annual IR ball!