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A Drink For Every Semester Of Your Degree

Written by on 15 July 2020

As you go through your time at university, you’re probably going to need a drink or two along the way. To that end, here is my list of the signature drink for each semester at St Andrews. Standard disclaimer: please drink responsibly, and at least try to finish your essays first. First Year, First Semester: […]

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Halls of Residence in St Andrews

Written by on 25 June 2020

As a new student at St Andrews, just about to move out of your home for what is probably the first time in your life, there’s always one big concern – where am I even moving to? Freshers always have a million questions about their new accommodation, so in this article we’ll hopefully help lay […]

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Coming Out: Five Years On

Written by on 11 June 2020

I came out on the 11th of June 2015. On Instagram. Maybe not the platform I’d choose today, but I stand by it. It was a long time coming. I came out to a few friends the year before, in Year 10, when I was 14. Strangely I don’t actually remember who I told first, […]

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Welcome to St Andrews!

Written by on 29 May 2020

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to the best university in Scotland, 2nd best in the UK (according to The Guardian – eat our dust, Oxford) and easily one of the most prestigious in the world. You’ve done the hard work to get your grades, you’re ready and raring to go (and probably bored in quarantine somewhere) […]

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This Is Fine

Starlings In Quarantine: Joseph Luke

Written by on 26 May 2020

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I had such big plans for this semester. As Senior Student of Regs, I was looking forward to the biggest event of the year more than anyone. I was ready for a night of drunk and disorderly behaviour – and that just from the committee. I had my […]

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