As you go through your time at university, you’re probably going to need a drink or two along the way. To that end, here is my list of the signature drink for each semester at St Andrews. Standard disclaimer: please drink responsibly, and at least try to finish your essays first.

First Year, First Semester: Blue Pablo

When you first start out on your boozy journey to graduation, you have to begin with a classic. Who hasn’t downed a blue pablo in 601 in Freshers Week, only to wake up the next day with a banging headache and some great forgotten memories? At £5 a pop, it isn’t cheap, but your student loan just came in!

First Year, Second Semester: Vodka & Pink Lemonade

When second semester comes round, you’ve matured. You’re too old for pablos, and too broke to boot. What passes the vibe check on a budget? Vodka and pink lemonade! My secret – the sugar-free 50p 2-litre bottle from Tesco. Covers the taste of Tamova, and who doesn’t love a pink drink?? This one is for the girls and the gays.

Second Year, First Semester: Messy Bombs

After an incredibly long and probably boring summer away from the bubble, you need a drink to get back into the swing of things and make the best of your second Freshers Week. Enter the messy bomb. It can’t legally be called a Jaeger bomb because it isn’t one, and you’re okay with that. Four of them poured into one cup puts you over the £5 card limit!

Second Year, Second Semester: White Wine Spritzer

By the end of sub-honours, you’re starting to put your messy drinking days behind you, or so you’ll say over a glass of this stuff. A white wine spritzer is the perfect way to feel classy and get into the spirit of second semester. You can drink it reading Nietzsche, you can drink it at pre’s, you can drink it over the summer, too. 

Third Year, First Semester: An Exotic Cider

In the whirlwind of your first semester in honours, you somehow ended up with a drink that reminds you of being 15 in a field again – cider. But you’re a third year! No Strongbow Dark Fruits for you; push the boat out a little. Try something new – passionfruit, kiwi & lime, lychee?! Whatever works, but doesn’t give you flashbacks of Lynx Body Spray.

Third Year, Second Semester: Gin & Tonic

Timeless, classic, delicious – a G&T is the drink to get you through the second semester of honours. You sacked off the cider when you realised how much sugar was in it, your stomach can’t handle vodka pink lemonades anymore, and messy bombs are out of the question. But a cheeky G&T post-deadline? Go on then.

Fourth Year, First Semester: The Strongest Thing You Can Find

Writing your dissertation and wondering what the hell to do when you graduate in less than a year? You’ll need it.

Fourth Year, Second Semester: Pink Pablo

They say, if you love something set it free, and if it loves you back, it’ll come home to you. At least I think that’s what they say – I was a bit tipsy at the time. Regardless, it only makes sense to finish your St Andrews career with a pink pablo. The most expensive and least alcoholic, it’s the worst of both worlds but somehow still the best drink in 601. And you’ll never have a good excuse to drink a pablo after uni, so might as well!