As February rolls around and we all begin to question the passage of time and our own existences once again, I bring you a list of some of my favourite songs that bring some hope as we head into this increasingly difficult semester.

Exeunt by The Hellos: This song is beautiful, like all of their songs, this one has a tempo that’s just perfect. In just under three minutes, this song makes a person feel ready for a beginning, like watching the first flowers of spring.

Going to Scotland by The Mountain Goats: Like every single song of theirs, this one has some gently violent imagery that talks about love. I must admit I heard this song on repeat before coming to Scotland and my decision to go to Scotland might have been affected by this song.

It’s alright by Mother Mother: Every single song by Mother Mother is a masterpiece but this song says some things that I feel everyone deserves to listen to. This is a song that comforts when comfort is hard to find.

Strawberry Blonde by Mitski: This song, I feel, is every lesbian or wlw’s anthem. I know it’s mine. It makes my gay little heart happier than I thought it could be. If this song had been even slightly longer, it would have destroyed all of us.

Banks by Lincoln: I have spoken about Bernard before several times and I feel like this song deserves a lot of attention as well. This song is perfect if you’re stuck somewhere and need that bit of a push to move forward, to leave. It packs a beautiful amount of angst and hopelessness with timid anticipation about a better future.

Girl with one eye by Florence and the Machine: This song has the absolute perfect vibes if you’re on a funky roadtrip with a couple of your friends who are witches. This hits that perfect spot of nightmare-witch-lesbians, who are so lacking in media.

Wild blue yonder by The Amazing Devil: This song is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Madeline and Joey’s voices blend beautifully to create this song that is so unbelievably tender. While it is hopeless at times, aggressive at others, I always feel at peace after I’ve heard it. It makes me feel whole.

She by Dodie: When we talk about lesbian/wlw anthems, we can’t overlook she. This song is sweet and lovely and 13 year old me was obsessed with Dodie (rightfully so). It’s perfect for a valentine playlist if that’s your thing.

Car Park by Fenne Lily: This song was recommended to me by someone who’s extremely dear to me and it made my day. This is a song about love, about healing about how hard it can be, sometimes, to love a person, to be loved by a person.

Better son/daughter by Rilo Kiley: Ah, this one hurts. This particular song, I think, is more about hope than any others on this list. This particular song, to me, is about forgiveness and acceptance and moving only forward even if it’s the hardest thing to do.

I hope these songs bring you joy or relief or catharsis just like they brought me.