As climate change increases and we put more pressure on the earth’s natural resources we must look towards a sustainable future. Charity shops are a great way of being environmentally friendly, spending time browsing, and saving money. You can donate almost anything. All the clothes are steamed and if someone tries something on then that item of clothing is re-steamed. There are multiple different types of charity shops. For example, Debra deals with skin conditions, Oxfam fights against famine, the British red cross focuses on humanitarian aid and the Salvation Army looks after people on the street and impoverished communities. Some charity shops specialize in books and records. Charity shops help to prevent people from buying into the fast fashion industry. It is much better to hand in your old clothes so someone else can make use of them and buy sustainably!

You can find real bargains in charity shops. If you’re running low on cash, you can always spot some new clothes in a charity shop. Charity shops are a great way of accessorizing your wardrobe. Much of the jewelry can add some color and texture to your outfit or look. Accessories really make an outfit. You can save money and get good quality items or even designer brands, maybe not quite Vuitton but one can find a Mulberry or Osprey bag. Charity shops have a wide range of clothing so there’s something for everyone! Some charity shops even have vintage clothes. If you need a new dress at short notice, then pop to your local charity shop. It’s key to remember that not only are you saving the planet but you’re helping charity too!

In terms of picking outfits that would suit you, here are some tips. For darker skin tones try nudes or beiges or vibrant colors. Yellow and oranges can look really dazzling. Bright red, lime green and turquoise can look pretty. For lighter skin tones, pastel colors can work well. Bright reds and deep blues and green look great, however remember to avoid nudes or beiges. In general, avoid yellow or orange, however a deep orange can sometimes look good. White is always a good choice, especially for darker skin tones, however white can improve your complexion. For tanned skin tones, bright colors tend to be nice. A fluorescent yellow can turn heads. When picking colors that would suit you have to remember that you want your clothes to provide a nice contrast to your skin tone or compliment your skin tone.  Hopefully these ideas will revolutionize your wardrobe! Fashion is a wonderful creative outlet that helps you to show the world who you are! So why not find your style whilst helping the planet? At the end of the day the key to charity shopping is to have fun!