A lot goes on in St Andrews, so here’s a big list to help you out.

Some groups require you to join the umbrella group St Andrews, which you can do once you have a @st-andrews.ac.uk email address (or @cs.st-andrews.ac.uk for Computer Science students).

Rating system:
1/5 – why does this exist
2/5 – unlikely to improve your life
3/5 – might have some good content amongst the junk
4/5 – will definitely help you keep up with the wobbly bubble
5/5 – culturally significant monoliths of usefulness that must be protected


The Saint
Largest student-run publication in town, with fortnightly print issues
Likes: 8,573
Rating: they paid me to give them 4/5

Satirical news website run by Comedy Society
Likes: 816
Rating: genuinely the most underrated page in town, 5/5

The Record
Student opinions site, run by STAR
Likes: 90 and counting
Rating: hey that’s us, 3/5

Scoot Around
Long-form articles with a focus on fringe perspectives
Likes: 203
Rating: student journalism isn’t meant to have this much depth, 5/5

St Andrews Citizen
Classic local newspaper
Likes: 4,550
Rating: local Jims, 3/5

St Andrews Economist
Formal articles on current affairs, probably written by IR students
Likes: 1,118
Rating: excessively professional, 4/5

Haute Magazine
Fashion and arts site, run by students
Likes: 859
Rating: something to do with clothes, 4/5

Protocol Magazine
“Analysis, commentary, and review” site focusing on human rights
Likes: 876
Rating: human rights are useful, 4/5

ST.ART Magazine
Arts and literary pieces
Likes: 2,167
Rating: another magazine, 3/5

Hearing Aid
Music-based magazine with regular print issues, funded by STAR
Likes: 701
Rating: did you know she interviewed Skinshape, 4/5

BRIZO Magazine
News, arts, politics, culture
Likes: 437
Rating: what do their categories mean, 3/5

St Andrews Law Review
“Fosters discussions on legal matters amongst students”
Likes: 217
Rating: less than a year old, but already has some interesting articles, 3/5

The Tribe
Reviews reviews reviews
Likes: 2,106
Rating: Lydia is an excellent writer, 4/5

The Stand
Student journalism site with a focus on events
Likes: 1,502
Rating: trying its best to not be The Tab, 3/5

The Tab
Someone tried to see if monkeys could randomly type Shakespeare but they created The Tab instead
Likes: I’d rather delete my account than check their page
Rating: I only included this to give The Stand’s rating some context, 0/5

Bejant Observer
Coming up Salvator’s rear
Likes: 282
Rating: spicy until they get expelled, 4/5


Crushes of St Andrews
Send an anonymous message to your crush, publicly
Likes: 1,342
Rating: usually more wholesome than creepy, 4/5

St Fessdrews
Confess to stealing ice cream from Melville kitchens
Likes: 2,821
Rating: we have a lot of pages like this, 2/5

St Anondrews
All of the above
Likes: 239
Rating: there’s no way this will last, 1/5

Is it raining in St Andrews?
Irregular updates on local weather
Likes: 2,351
Rating: when this page went on hiatus, umbrella sales plummeted, causing a recession, 5/5

Is there a seat in Taste?
Irregular updates on the availability of a space upon which one may rest one’s buttocks in Taste, a coffee shop on North Street overrun with third year arts students
Likes: 226
Rating: the answer is probably no, 4/5

st polldrews
St Andrews’ own version of Poll Party, where the same five people complain about everything
Members: 1,350
Rating: it’s a secret group, so the link will only work if you haven’t already left six times, 4/5

Doggos of St Andrews
Dog-related “memes”
Likes: 1,667
Rating: the doggos aren’t even from St Andrews, 1/5

st dogdrews
St Andrews’ own version of Dogspotting
Members: 360
Rating: much better, 5/5

Dogs of St Andrews
Like st dogdrews but just one really, really keen person who wants to remain anonymous
Likes: 226
Rating: more dogs, good, 3/5

The Life of Spoons
Like Dogs of St andrews, but focused on a single dog called Spoons
Likes: 226
Rating: dogs good more, 3/5

Humans of Dervish
Content relating to Dervish, a Turkish takeaway on Bell Street popular with drunk students who have never tried Empire
Likes: 2,326
Rating: creeping into the dead section (see below), 1/5

Theoretical physics memes for physically inclined teens
Accessible physics page that grew beyond Fife for no apparent reason
Likes: 20,652
Rating: has lost touch, 1/5

St Andrews Sock Appreciation Society
Archive of Victor’s obsession with feet
Likes: 240
Rating: Victor loves socks, 3/5

St Andrews Poetry Wall
A whiteboard on Lade Braes with regularly updated poetry
Likes: 86
Rating: unique, intriguing, and shockingly long-running, 4/5

We Are St Andrews
Highlighting diversity issues at the university
Likes: 847
Rating: a necessary campaign, 4/5

St Safedrews
Share anonymous mental health stories and advice
Likes: 641
Rating: trigger warning, 3/5

Big Groups

Free & For Sale
Get rid of your junk
Members: 5,495
Rating: sell your landlord’s toaster, 5/5

Events in St Andrews
A load of spam about student events
Members: 6,717
Rating: I don’t go to events, 2/5

Events & Parties
Literally identical to the Events group; no one posts their parties here for some reason
Members: 4,951
Rating: I don’t even go outside, 1/5

Lost & Found in St Andrews
Ask the whole town if anyone has seen the coat you left in the union last night
Members: 5,415
Rating: spot the regulars, 4/5

Get a Room, St Andrews
Literally the same as Housing except the people who own the houses can post in this one
Members: 5,163
Rating: there are no houses left, 3/5

Textbook Exchange
Get rid of your books
Members: 2,876
Rating: sell your books, 3/5

Sell Your Books
Literally the same as Textbook Exchange except locals can also get rid of their books
Members: 1,434
Rating: textbook exchange, 3/5

Jobs & Internships
A load of spam about Deliveroo and internships
Members: 5,472
Rating: someone once paid me to take a picture of a bus stop, 2/5

St Andrews ticket exchange
Find tickets for balls that have sold out because people bought all the tickets to resell for a whole bitcoin of profit
Members: 2,257
Rating: every ball is the same and FOMO is a myth, 1/5

St Catdrews
Cats, in St Andrews
Members: 534
Rating: cats, 3/5


Lightbox St Andrews
Student event photography
Likes: 9,015
Rating: doing its best to monopolise the St Andrews photography market, 5/5

St Andrews Photography Festival
Local photography
Likes: 1,449
Rating: unsure if there is actually a festival, 3/5

Student photography site with occasional print issues
Likes: 1,353
Rating: is it really photography if it’s not on Facebook? 3/5

Barrie Seath Photography
Local photographer and nice guy
Likes: 908
Rating: legend, hero, Barrie, 4/5

Photos by Annabel
Student photographer, sometimes in St Andrews
Likes: 76
Rating: Annabel is pretty good, 3/5

Sammi Ciardi Photos
Student event photographer
Likes: 150
Rating: Sammi waved at me two years ago but I didn’t recognise her, so I have to be nice and put her page on this list, 3/5

Tilted Frame Photography
Local photographer and probably a nice guy
Likes: 3,171
Rating: this town has more photographers than anon-posting pages, 3/5

Heavybox St Andrews
Reliable stream of complex and thought-provokingly artful event photography, focusing on the harsh realities of student life
Likes: 2,490
Rating: doing its best to demonopolise the St Andrews photography market, 5/5


STAR: St Andrews Radio
Student media conglomerate producing radio, video, online, and print content
Likes: 3,721
Rating: you can be on the radio too, 5/5

Musicians of St Andrews
A group for event organisers to find musicians and vice versa
Members: 127
Rating: find people to form a band with, look for a guitar amp to borrow, or sell your saxophone, 4/5

STIMS: St Andrews Indie Music Society
Share nice songs
Members: 517
Rating: if you like King Gizz, 5/5

Music Fund
Sometimes organises gigs for student musicians; is supposed to fund student music events
Likes: 1,818
Rating: sometimes, 3/5

Sofar Sounds St Andrews
Sofar organises gigs on sofas around the world, and happens to have a team in St Andrews
Likes: 307
Rating: what if MiL but it’s not just students performing, and you have to pay, 4/5

The University of St Andrews Music Society
Wind bands, choirs, and strings
Likes: 1,909
Rating: what if Music Fund but an orchestra, 4/5

Wax CollectiveWax Rooms
Electronic music group / their iconic series of events
Likes: 1,381 / 828
Rating: quite loud, shookingly wholesome 5/5

St Andrews Live Music Scene
Local music events
Likes: 417
Rating: St Andrews live music scene is… loading… 2/5

Asha Sound System
This guy owns big speakers and would like to make you deaf
Likes: 674
Rating: really very big speakers, 4/5

Versus Music
Music collective focused on hip-hop
Likes: 132
Rating: \/ersus who, 3/5

Electronic music collective
Likes: 822
Rating: I don’t really understand what a music collective is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask, 3/5

JazzWorks / JazzWorks St Andrews
Jazz music collective with regular jam sessions
Likes: 398 / members: 403
Rating: yeah I like jazz, 4/5

Veganism and Sex

VegSoc St Andrews
Vegan potlucks
Likes: 792
Rating: the veganism, 3/5

Sexpression St Andrews
St Andrews branch of the UK charity focused on sex education
Likes: 619
Rating: the sex, 4/5

St And Reuse
Collects junk at the end of the year; gives junk away at the start of the year
Members: 1960
Rating: regularly saves student hoarders trying to evacuate their homes on that one day between their last exam and their first plane, 5/5

Sustainable Style
Clothes-swapping events
Likes: 245
Rating: new clothes are the dirtiest, 4/5

St Andrews Clothing Swap & Sell
Clothes-swapping group
Members: 350
Rating: dresses don’t suit me, 3/5

St Andrews Green Week
A week of events focused on the local environment
Likes: 990
Rating: I am vegan, 3/5

Transition University of St Andrews
Regular news and events focused on local sustainability
Likes: 2,449
Rating: doesn’t even mention veganism once, 4/5

Saints LGBT+
he gaysTM
Likes: 1,729
Rating: this town is very gay, 5/5

Edible Campus St Andrews
Part of Transition, focused on growing food within the town
Likes: 726
Rating: a patch of herbs with a sign saying “eat me” is a dangerous prospect when placed on the main path drunk students take home, 4/5

St Andrews Environmental Network
Pictures of locals cleaning things on the street
Likes: 464
Rating: down with the religious graffiti, 3/5

St Andrews Community Tool Share
Another part of Transition, where you can borrow tools/gazebos/more tools
Members: 168
Rating: I don’t need a gazebo, but if I did then I would be grateful for this group 3/5


University of St Andrews
The university’s official propaganda page
Likes: 51,564
Rating: a bit mainstream, 2/5

St Andrews Students’ Association
The union’s official propaganda page
Likes: 9,598
Rating: technically, the “union” is the building and its staff; this fact has not been made clear, 4/5

Your Union Events
Random bop name generator
Likes: 5,606
Rating: no one would notice if this page changed its name to “Lightbox”, 3/5

Association Councils
Updates on the activities of students elected to positions like “Member for Racial Equality”, “Big Pres”, and STAR’s Station Manager
Likes: 798
Rating: knowledge is power, 3/5

Ents Crew / Ents Crew 2019-20
Ents are student volunteers who organise the tech for every event in the union; without them the union would just be a cafe (see: Old Union Coffee Shop)
Likes: 563 / members: 17
Rating: unparalleled views of drunk people making mistakes in bops, occasional free food, and a solid job reference, 5/5

Charity founded by a St Andrews alumni, aiming to reduce loneliness by hosting wholesome events
Likes: 1,086
Rating: Sam Ross for prime minister, 4/5

St Andrews Nightline
Offers students advice, support, and someone to talk to
Likes: 2,121
Rating: illuminati of St Andrews, 5/5

The Barron Theatre
Student theatre, managed by the union
Likes: 1,013
Rating: this really depends on how much you like theatre… 2/5

Design Team
Students offering to design things for students
Likes: 878
Rating: they can help with photography, photoshop, and much more, 3/5

Srdja Popovic, Rector of The University of St Andrews
The definition of Rector is best left to Google
Likes: 731
Rating: friendly tall man, 3/5

Toastie Bar – St Andrews
Student group offering toasties for 50p on Friday nights
Likes: 2,132
Rating: I’m incredibly sorry to everyone who encountered me that night, 5/5

St Can-Drews Foodbank Collection
Student group collecting donations for local food bank
Likes: 650
Rating: now even lazy students can make a difference, 5/5

St Andrews Voluntary Service (SVS)
Volunteering opportunities in and around Fife
Likes: 1,069
Rating: try something new, 4/5

Concrete Catwalk St Andrews
This town didn’t have enough fashion shows, so someone made one that never ends
Likes: 2,733
Rating: to minimise the risk of accidentally becoming a fashion writer, I have no comment, 3/5

The Improv Sessions
Student with nice camera films people dancing around town
Likes: 319
Rating: wavy, 3/5

University of St Andrews Library
Library updates, alongside archival photos from the 1800s
Likes: 2,678
Rating: shockingly interesting, 4/5

On The Rocks Festival
We have the largest student-run festival in Scotland, or something like that
Likes: 3,024
Rating: a week of arty things, 3/5

RAG Week
Raising and giving week
Likes: 3,752
Rating: as above, but for charity, 3/5

Amnesty St Andrews
Student group focused on human rights
Likes: 1,057
Rating: when this list was first published last year, this bit said “Jamie Rodney for president”. Remember your roots, Jamie. 4/5

Interviews with physics lecturers
Likes: 123
Rating: possibly not very interesting for Mediaeval History students, 3/5

Charity hitchhike, the week before second semester starts
Likes: 2,988
Rating: you must do Race2, 4/5

TEDx University of St Andrews
TED, but in St andrews
Likes: 3,276
Rating: TED but in St Andrews, 3/5

The Lafayette Club
International relations talks
Likes: 2,278
Rating: mini TEDx, 2/5

Blind Mirth
Improv comedy
Likes: 1,246
Rating: can be surprisingly good, 4/5

St Andrews Students’ Association Elections
Student elections take place around the beginning of March
Likes: 1,589
Rating: if you run for Big Pres, you receive a free vegetarian lasagne, 4/5

Rat King
Art zine
Likes: 118
Rating: nice merch, 3/5

Capture Collective
Promotes public art in St Andrews
Likes: 304
Rating: big culture, 3/5

Pokemon Go St Andrews
Add Annie’s mum on Pokemon Go
Members: 31
Rating: I have never played this game so I don’t understand, 2/5


Share pretty pictures of the town
Members: 7,129
Rating: lots of moaning about students 5/5

Overheard in St Andrews
Share not-so-pretty pictures of the town
Members: 15,971
Rating: even more moaning about students, 2/5

The Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council
Community stuff
Likes: 531
Rating: where is the line between student and local? 2/5

T he Royal Burgh of St Andrews Complainity Council
Self-aware portion of locals breaks away from PHOTO CORNER to form ironic shitposting group
Members: 361
Rating: ninety-two bags of dog shit, 5/5

St Andrews Now
Shares updates from local businesses
Likes: 2,006
Rating: Jimspotting, 2/5

St Andrews Live
As above
Likes: 2,091
Rating: “Now” and “Live” are basically identical so can we move on, 1/5

Tourism St Andrews
As above and above above
Likes: 1,532
Rating: we are all tourists if you think about it, 1/5

St Andrew’s Day
Focuses on Saint Andrew’s Day celebrations (30th November)
Likes: 1,239
Rating: 1 post a year, 1/5

Jannettas Gelateria St Andrews
Iconic ice cream place on South Street
Likes: 8,409
Rating: fundamental, 4/5

St Andrews Bioblitz
Promotes citizen participation in the collection of scientific data
Likes: 667
Rating: bees and bugs, 2/5

St Andrews in Bloom
Locals do some public gardening
Likes: 346
Rating: lots of pretty flowers, 4/5

The Byre Theatre
Professional theatre owned by the university
Likes: 5,293
Rating: what if the Barron had a nicer staircase, 3/5

BID St Andrews
Pictures of people cleaning things around town
Likes: 901
Rating: please no litter, 4/5

Domino’s Pizza St Andrews
We have Papa John’s now sorry
Likes: 814
Rating: is it a deal if it’s always there? 1/5

St Andrews Taxi and Lift Sharing
How to get to the airport
Members: 3,111
Rating: get the bus, 3/5


These pages are inactive, but still fun to look at.

St Memedrews
Likes: 6,460
Rating: it’s shameful that we are still waiting for the successor, 3/5

Spotted: University of St Andrews
Likes: 2,497
Rating: budget memedrews, 1/5

Bubble TV
Likes: 1,367
Rating: I miss u, 4/5

Humans of St Andrews
Likes: 2,274
Rating: rest in peace until someone revives u, 3/5

St Regumeme
Likes: 202
Rating: one small page for one small hall, 2/5

Croissant or Shrimp
Likes: 143
Rating: artistic genius widely acknowledged as the sole inspiration for thousands of revolutionary projects across the globe, 5/5

St Andrews Pasta Society
Members: 185
Rating: someone restart this please, 3/5

St Andrews Crushes 4.0
Likes: 4,167
Rating: most relevant page of 2017, 4/5

St Feuddrews
Likes: 3,226
Rating: least relevant page of 2017, 2/5

St Feuddrews 3.0
Send an anonymous message to your enemy, publicly
Likes: 1,227
Rating: got stuck on the same topics a bit too much, 3/5

St Andrews Anonymous
All of the above
Likes: 3,552
Rating: these pages really don’t last long huh, 1/5

Lizardlounge Standrews
Friends: many
Rating: real throwbacks only here in the dead section, 3/5

Albanation Street
Likes: 126
Rating: the only hall that could pull this off. Things will never be the same. Younger generations will never understand. The housing market in St Andrews is a scam. 5/5

If we missed your page or group, contact us.

For a list of societies affiliated with the Students’ Association (“the union”) see this list. There are also “subcommittees”: basically big, well-funded societies that all students are automatically a member of; find them on this page.