Willy Wonka famously starts the tour of his fantastical factory by announcing “We have so much time and so little to see!” One might think that after so many Halloweens at Kinkell Byre this statement may have carried over this year’s installment of the House of Horror Charity Gala. But Alas like Wonka himself, the House of Horror team have managed to keep our imaginations going for another year. St Andrew’s hallmark Halloween event offers the opportunity to send the black-tie kit to the dry cleaners and break out the face paint, vampire fangs, and wigs of every color and variety. Proceeds from the night of horror went to Impact Arts, an organization that improves people’s lives through creative expression. This same imaginative spirit could be seen throughout the night.

Arriving at the event, revelers were greeted with a giant carnival style ride glittering colorfully against the spooky sky. There was an excitement in the air as my friends, and I were ready to get the evening started. Moving indoors guests could find enough indulgences, both sweet and alcoholic (shoutout to the candy and chocolate shots), that could satisfy even the likes of Augustus Gloop. While cash bars always come with their irks, fair prices, short lines and great organization outweighed any doubts I had.


Unfortunately, my hopes for a dancefloor more crowded than Grandpa Joe’s bed, it remained far from for the majority of the night. The music, however, was right up my alley as funky electronic mixes followed by hype trap and hip-hop kept my friends and me dancing all night. The only thing missing was a few spooky tunes on the playlist, can one ever play Thriller too many times on All Hallows Eve?


Still, House of Horror managed to imbue the spirit of the Willy Wonka’s magical factory. In a town that can sometimes come dangerously close to taking itself too seriously, the opportunity to embrace our inner Wonka. and let loose. After all, a little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.