When my Grandparents were visiting on Easter Sunday, we got in to our usual conversation about politics during which I revealed that I would be voting for a party contrary to the one I usually support. My grandmother asked why this was and I responded with a single word… yup you guessed it, “Bins!” Just kidding, “Brexit”!

Yes, I know I know, I’m tired of it too! We all are. My parents were saying they are so tired of it that they aren’t even going to vote in the upcoming European Elections. I’m here to tell them and you why that is the wrong position to take and why you NEED to vote in these elections. Now I’m not going to beat about the bush here, I’m a Brexiteer—so much so that the BBC even quoted me as a “Massive Brexiteer”. But this isn’t about me getting what I want. It’s about settling this debate that should have started and ended three years ago. These elections are not about electing our Members of the European Parliament; they’re about sending a message to every single MP in Westminster that enough is enough and it’s time for them to agree on a way forward. 

If you’re a Remainer, show it. Vote for a party that promises a second referendum like the Liberal Democrats, SNP, Change UK, or the Greens. This election is not done and dusted. With polls showing that the Brexit Party are going to sweep the board, it can be easy to give up hope, but don’t. That will just give those on the hard-leave side a reason to push the government to a no-deal Brexit. Do not let them speak for you. 

If you’re a strong Brexiteer, show it. Go out in numbers and vote for a party that best represents your vision of Brexit. If you like Theresa May’s negotiated deal, send that message and give her your backing. If you like the sound of Labour’s plan for Brexit, give them your backing. If you want a no-deal Brexit, then give the Brexit Party your backing.

If you absolutely hate politics and Brexit (and by god I do not blame you) then still vote! The European Union has just passed Article 13 which restricts memes and many British MEP’s supported that move. Send the message that you love memes, and JUST VOTE!

Whichever party wins this election will send a strong message of public opinion on Brexit that we have not seen since 2016, so use it. European Elections tend to have really low turnouts regardless, so not turning out will not send the message you think it does. 

Honestly, I understand your frustration and I know you just want this over and done with but refusing to vote is not the answer. The votes still get counted, voices will still be listened to, but yours will not. Don’t let that happen. Vote.

To register to vote you need to be 18. You need to have registered by the 7thof May to take part. Elections are on the 23rdof May, with polls open 7:00-22:00. 

Register to vote here: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote