The Ambassador’s Ball was a mosaic of black ties, bright lights and warm smiles. A myriad of flags hung from the walls, the décor reflecting the international aesthetic of the university. The air buzzed with the excitement of the students and the fluorescence of the lights. Well-dressed partygoers mixed and mingled, enjoying the complimentary ice cream and the occasional pop to the Mozza pizza truck which sat outside invitingly, serving small personal pies. A light breeze and a beautiful array of stars made the outside smoker’s area a pleasant place to chat to others and enjoy some fresh air. 

            The music and dance were as varied as the flags on the wall, merging the classic ceilidh with modern stylings and tunes. As the night began the ceilidh band played traditional Scottish music and beckoned the students forward to dance. Even to those sat on the sides, the ceilidh provided a lovely attention-grabbing spectacle. The laughs and smiles of the dancers were beautifully counterpoised with the confused faces of Americans such as myself, entirely unsure how one could remember such a dance. It was vibrant and enchanting all the same. The progression to more contemporary music later in the night marked a shift in mood as well as time. As new friends were made and pizzas finished, the crowd warmed and packed the large dancefloor, everyone eager to enjoy the night. The event took off as more students, perhaps made confident by the admittedly overpriced drinks served at the cash bar, took to the floor to share in what proved to be a memorable and enjoyable night.

            The night ended with less fanfare than it had begun, as many sought to try their luck at the union or elsewhere. As the dancing and reveling wound down, folks moved to small talk and light banter, sipping down the last of their drinks before clearing out into the crisp night air. As crowds of now disheveled socializers made the long march back to town from the Old Course Hotel, cigarettes and jokes were shared, and the consensus appeared that while the night was by no means a wild one, it had class and character. Overall the event was well-received, with the organizers clearly putting their all into making it a magical night with a variety of music, food and drinks. While the debonair suits and glittering dresses may now be stained by kebab grease and Pablo spills, the memories made at Ambassador’s Ball surely remain pristine.