As the hands of the clock on St Salvator’s Chapel crossed 4 PM, the quadrangle was filled with anticipation. Early attendees eagerly scoped out the food options, bar and entertainment, while staff placed finishing touches on stands and equipment. The overcast sky and blustering winds did little to stifle the growing atmosphere as the sun dipped below the horizon and the strings of lights illuminated the crowds.

An important factor in keeping everyone happy and the good times rolling is providing delicious food, which STARFIELDS most certainly achieved. I asked two people with pizzas in their hands for their thoughts:

“Pizza was delicious, they were flexible on cash or card and the prices were very reasonable. Excellent experience!”

“Oh about the pizza? Oh, it’s cheesy, it’s tomatoey. Put a bit of salt on it, bit of oregano: Oh yes! 6 pounds, perfect!”

”All the key ingredients!”

“What else do you want?!”

So clearly Wildfire Pizza was a big hit. STARFIELDS focus on sustainability is highlighted when I asked another person about the food:

“Really yummy, and I’m glad that they have vegan options here”

Said vegan options included a selection of amazing Caribbean pasties, and date, peanut and chocolate squares.

But according to one interviewee, the caramel-topped vanilla-cream-filled donuts were the real stars of the show:

“Really good, the donuts are amazing. [incomprehensible] foods really good, donuts are fucking incredible—”

“Yeah, well, the donuts were amazing. I think I had an orgasm.”



But enough about the food, we can’t miss talking about the eclectic fashion found at the event. Any writing I do would just be reductive, so a small sample of pictures is really the only way to convey the nuances of the panache present at STARFIELDS.

And of those I spoke with, the Fashion Society’s message of not buying new and instead utilising charity shops and borrowing from friends was truly taken to heart. Reusing and repairing clothes is a very impactful way to reduce ecological damage.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a music event without some music, and STARFIELDS had it in spades! Due to the smaller numbers of early attendees, TIGRE & Friends ended up opening to a very enthusiastic group of friends, but it didn’t take long for a crowd to grow and by 5 the party was in full swing.

Following swiftly was Crazy Cousinz, and it was then that the impressive technical feat of STARFIELDS was demonstrated, with smoke, lights, all the displays running in sync with the music. Truly a sight to behold and incredible to listen to.

As the night continued, Riton took the stage. The energy of the crowd was simply electric as the base thundered throughout the quad (and reportedly heard throughout the town, oops) and lights danced around the inside of the tent

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and with no more donuts remaining, the pools of kombucha and sugar-free soda largely consumed, the music enjoyed and good times had, the long walk home was the last item on the day’s agenda.