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My Flatmate, Anna

18 September 2020

I’d like to think that, when Sally Mapstone sits down in the morning before accommodation allocations, she looks ahead at a spreadsheet full of names and Q&A answers, and personally selects exactly who should room with who. A few rowing nuts here, one or two humanities students there, a med student to spice things up […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure: St Andrews Edition

14 August 2020

It’s a known fact that St Andrews, despite having an arguably lacklustre nightlife, has an excellent selection of pubs to visit. It’s also a known fact these pubs can be pretty pricey. In this Choose Your Own Adventure, your task is to go out for a mid-week pub trip on a budget. You’ve got to […]

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5 Black Comedians To Watch On Netflix

29 June 2020

Ten days have passed since Juneteenth – a holiday to celebrate the emancipation of American slaves – and what better way to (belatedly) celebrate than supporting black artists. So, I have compiled a list of the top five black comedians I watched on Netflix these past few days. A quick disclaimer though, I am American, […]

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