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Why Students Don’t Need to Worry About What’s in the Vaccine

15 January 2021

I’d like to think that anyone attending university is educated enough to not be an anti-vaxxer, but nothing really surprises me anymore these days. It genuinely pains me to see how many people around my age have posted on social media about how they will flat-out refuse to take the vaccine once it is available […]

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21 Fun & Easy Resolutions for 2021

5 January 2021

Every year, people make resolutions that are boring at best and unachievable at worst. This year, I’ve had enough of it. To prevent the proliferation of poor proposals, I’ve put together a panoply of potential plans. So read on, and find something fun for you to do in 2021. 1. Write for The Record. We’ll […]

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A Completely Unbiased Guide to Hugh Laurie

27 November 2020

After watching Roadkill – which was recently on BBC One – I remembered just how much I love Hugh Laurie. Charismatic, a talented actor and musician, and honestly still looking hot at 61, Hugh Laurie is one of those actors I will want to watch no matter what he’s in. However, I have not watched […]

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My Flatmate, Anna

18 September 2020

I’d like to think that, when Sally Mapstone sits down in the morning before accommodation allocations, she looks ahead at a spreadsheet full of names and Q&A answers, and personally selects exactly who should room with who. A few rowing nuts here, one or two humanities students there, a med student to spice things up […]

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Choose Your Own Adventure: St Andrews Edition

14 August 2020

It’s a known fact that St Andrews, despite having an arguably lacklustre nightlife, has an excellent selection of pubs to visit. It’s also a known fact these pubs can be pretty pricey. In this Choose Your Own Adventure, your task is to go out for a mid-week pub trip on a budget. You’ve got to […]

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5 Black Comedians To Watch On Netflix

29 June 2020

Ten days have passed since Juneteenth – a holiday to celebrate the emancipation of American slaves – and what better way to (belatedly) celebrate than supporting black artists. So, I have compiled a list of the top five black comedians I watched on Netflix these past few days. A quick disclaimer though, I am American, […]

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