I’d like to think that anyone attending university is educated enough to not be an anti-vaxxer, but nothing really surprises me anymore these days. It genuinely pains me to see how many people around my age have posted on social media about how they will flat-out refuse to take the vaccine once it is available for our age group. Whether they’re nervous about how quickly the vaccine was developed or the potential side-effects, I suppose it’s (maybe) understandable that one wouldn’t want to put this foreign substance into your body. I would like to reassure you, however, that you have nothing to fear, as I’m sure you’ve put your body through far worse situations. If you’ve done any of the following things during your time at university, you definitely don’t need to worry about what’s in the vaccine 🙂

  1. You’ve gone barefoot in shared hall showers. The number of people I’ve seen end up in a pool of their own puke in a shower during pre-drinks or after a night out is too high to count on my own two hands. I’m sure your mum insisted when you moved into halls that you needed to wear flip flops in the shower, but I really don’t believe that you’ve done so every time.
  2. Pt 2 – you’ve gone barefoot in university accommodation kitchens. Sometimes I think back upon the year where I had to share a kitchen with the 12 other people in my corridor and physically feel ill. The bins were always full and there was always trash on the floor. I’m fairly sure that, no matter how many times someone would clean the floor, it would always be just sticky enough to make that uncomfortable noise when you walked around. Self-explanatory.
  3. You’ve consumed a mixed drink that someone made in a bathtub. I’d say that about 80% of student flats have black mold in the bathrooms. When’s the last time you cleaned your shower or bathtub? Do you really think these people have cleaned theirs recently? Absolutely not. So many hands and mouths have touched that liquid. Someone’s definitely sat in it or fallen in there.
  4. You’ve spent the night in the single bed of some grimy indie boy who probably doesn’t shower more than three times a week, if you’re lucky. ‘No like I swear if you shower too much it disaligns your chakras, so like my vibes would be so off.’ No Dylan, you just don’t know what personal hygiene is 🙂
  5. You’ve eaten food more than 3 days past its expiration date. No like I get it, I also refuse to believe that potatoes only stay good for a week. It just doesn’t make sense. Also bread doesn’t even go mouldy until maybe a week after it’s expired, so it’s fine until then. People really can’t expect us to go to the shops more than twice a week for ACTUAL food. Alcohol runs don’t count.
  6. You’ve seen an abandoned half-finished drink in a bar or club and stolen it. I’d like to think this one is pretty obvious. I mean I get it, desperate times call for desperate measures once you’ve blown through your monthly budget in about two weeks. Making money moves I guess, but also let’s hope we left this type of behaviour back in 2020 <3