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Why Music Tuition Must Be Protected

1 October 2018

In 2017, Edinburgh Council attempted to close down its most famous music school, and proposed further cuts to state schools music budgets. This was met with fury from hundreds of music teachers and pupils across the city, and prompting the Council to drop the proposals. Now, budget cuts have again been proposed that will halve […]

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Stop the BOP

2 August 2018

After a long week it’s finally Friday night, so what are your plans? Maybe you’re after a low key night at one of the many pubs and bars in town; there might be an event on at the Vic; or maybe you feel like dancing. But the only real club in St Andews is the […]

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What to listen to while running

2 July 2018

I spent far more time than was probably healthy choosing a subject for my first article as Editor of Star News. The plan was to give you all some deep and intelligent analysis of all the cool and interesting music I’m listening to, but I don’t listen to cool and interesting music, and I’ve never […]

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In Praise of Eurovision

13 May 2018

  Last night was truly something else, maybe not the best Eurovision I’ve watched but it did give us some moments that will live on in my heart until next year. Some highlights, (as told through my live facebook updates) included: Ukraine’s entire performance: “Is this weird Dracula?” Slovenia, fine maybe not the best song […]

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Playlists from your 2017-18 Broadcasting Officer

9 March 2018

Flora Rowe Check out these awesome playlists that Flora would love to share with you guys!   ‘Calming Tunes’ I’m On Fire – The Staves Carry Me Home – Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre A Case of You – Joni Mitchell Wake Me – Mandolin Orange The Only Way is Up – Stornoway Permanent – Kenneth […]

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20 November 2017

Calum Esler Picture this: you’ve been DJing in the Union for the past five years, you have your own kit and a passion for performance, however, you can’t play the music you want to play. This is a pretty tough situation for any creative individual and it’s the one that DJ, Liquid Alloy, has found […]

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STAR at Starfields 2017

19 September 2017

Euan Elder I think that the majority of St. Andrews students can agree that nights out tend to be spent looking classy at balls, or enjoying a ‘pablo’ at the union. However, St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s annual Starfields event breaks free from this repetition, and provides an experience like no other. The event took […]

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“I Don’t Like Mondays”

21 August 2017

Taylor Davant In trying to figure out how messed up the world was the last time America witnessed a total eclipse of the sun, I fell into a Wikipedia hole and somehow rediscovered the story that inspired one of my favourite songs. So settle in while I put on way too much eyeliner and the […]

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Still on Fire

22 July 2017

Kyle Van Oosterum  Band-members: Lead singer/songwriter: Anthony Kiedis. Bass: Flea. Drums/Percussion: Chad Smith. Lead guitar/backing vocals: Josh Klinghoffer. This summer I had the incomparable pleasure of seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform in Chicago with one of my best friends. What can I say? More than zombified teens and monolithic record companies, time really […]

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Music Unites Us

24 May 2017

Euan Elder When I first heard about the Manchester terror attack, I was in the middle of a conversation with my friends, discussing the songs that our younger selves had overplayed to a sickening extent. Music can play a crucial role in uniting people: it has the power to bring those who share interests in […]

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