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Let the Good Times In: A Classic Playlist for the Optimists

30 March 2021

I don’t know about you, but the combination of brighter days, lighter nights, and wee Nicola’s most recent announcement on the new ‘roadmap’ has begun to restore my optimistic streak to pre-lockdown levels. From what I can see, the feeling is contagious. The prospect of getting back to all the things we used to take […]

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Bring Back The 90s With This Playlist

24 March 2021

There is a lot of great music being made today, and streaming platforms like Spotify make finding fresh music easier than ever. However, the internet also makes it easy to discover, or rediscover, music released decades ago, and this week I’ve been enjoying some sounds of the 90s. Naturally, I made a Spotify playlist (surprise) […]

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The Power of a Playlist

19 March 2021

Everyone knows the power of music. It has the ability to take away pain, make you feel happy, transport you into another world, another time. But I didn’t realise the power of a good playlist until recently. I absolutely despise running, I see it as a punishment. Like if you were late to Gym class […]

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Aarushi’s Playlist

13 February 2021

As February rolls around and we all begin to question the passage of time and our own existences once again, I bring you a list of some of my favourite songs that bring some hope as we head into this increasingly difficult semester. Exeunt by The Hellos: This song is beautiful, like all of their […]

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A Breakdown (not that kind) of Spotify Playlists

6 January 2021

Who asked? Absolutely nobody. But Joseph Luke, Head of The Record, is exploiting my labour and forcing me to write an article. Although if we’re being honest, in the current climate (read: pandemic) my role as Head of Events is a little… constrained… so I’m happy to oblige. And what other personality trait do I […]

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Your October Playlist: A Seasonal Soundtrack

13 October 2020

Finally, the holy trinity of months is upon us! Although this is my first fall in St Andrews, I already know that this little town is going to be one of the best places to experience some of my favorite months of the year.   While I know many of us might be feeling like […]

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An Hour Of Music To Listen To In Autumn

4 October 2020

St Andrews has made the obvious transition into autumn in the past week, with the sudden chill in the air coinciding with half of the student population digging their Canada Goose out of the cupboard. Also, as a self-confessed music addict, I never leave my flat without headphones and have music playing at every socially acceptable opportunity. Hence, […]

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10 Songs To Get You Through The Semester

28 September 2020

Amidst the hectic first weeks of the Martinmas Semester, filled with online lectures and lengthy readings, it’s essential to take some time out for yourself and enjoy the ‘little things’ that transport you to another realm. Providing a medium to travel through music is my list of the top 10 songs to get you through the semester 1. […]

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A Reading Week Playlist, For Revision or Rambling

22 October 2018

It seems pertinent to address the discrepancy between the independent learning week plans of St Andrews’ students, and the subsequent soundtrack to these (potentially) languid, late fall days .Whether this upcoming week leads you into to the concrete confides of the library, clad in your favourite fleece and sweatpants, or off onto an Alpine ski […]

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Top Ten Songs to Study To

4 May 2018

Exam season is upon us once again which (for me at least) means plenty of time scrolling through my music to find that perfect song to listen to when I eventually get round to studying. Getting your study playlist just right is an excellent procrastination method so to help you get straight to the books […]

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