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Author: Kaylee Kelley

DRAFP: An Insta-Worthy Atlantis

Written by on 5 March 2019

If the little mermaid had been a reality tv star, this would’ve been the ball for her. Partygoers swum around in blue and purple tinted lights, sipping fizzy wine and taking cute, cocky, and lured selfies in the thrones and chaise lounges. Statues of Poseidon’s posse made up the back edge of the room, adding […]

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Reviewed: Welly Ball

Written by on 14 November 2018

Despite the fact that week 8 had granted me a healthy dose of cynicism, I nonetheless strapped on my wellys and braced for my night at Kinkell Byre. Greeted by the familiar array of fairy lights and plastic flutes of prosecco, I graciously accepted and sipped my bubbly, all the while weaving my way through […]

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A Welly Ball Preview

Written by on 1 November 2018

Georgie Stafford of the Welly Ball committee grants some insight on St Andrews’ favourite boozy and bucolic ball of the year, coming up on the 10th of November. How would you characterise this year’s Welly Ball? How does it differ from last year? Welly Ball is in its eleventh year now and in honour of […]

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A Reading Week Playlist, For Revision or Rambling

Written by on 22 October 2018

It seems pertinent to address the discrepancy between the independent learning week plans of St Andrews’ students, and the subsequent soundtrack to these (potentially) languid, late fall days .Whether this upcoming week leads you into to the concrete confides of the library, clad in your favourite fleece and sweatpants, or off onto an Alpine ski […]

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May Ball Preview

Written by on 21 April 2018

Kaylee Kelley from STAR News previews one of St Andrews’ biggest events, the Kate Kennedy May Ball. 1. How would you characterise this year’s May Ball? How does it differ from last year? This year’s Charity May Ball will cater to more tastes than before. We have achieved this by providing a wide range of […]

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