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Review: Presidential Town Halls

18 October 2020

If the first Presidential debate didn’t put you off US politics for good, your patience is commendable: the shouting match between Biden and Trump left much to be desired in terms debating quality and coherent sentences. It seemed fitting, then, that the second debate was replaced by candidates attending simultaneous town hall meetings. Trump was […]

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What To Watch: Hush

16 October 2020

People who don’t enjoy watching horror films often ask – “why would anybody watch something which is solely designed to terrify you?” And it’s a good question. The answer seems to be that watching our worst nightmares play out on-screen has the potential to be cathartic, allowing us to purge ourselves of our own fear […]

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Review: US Vice-Presidential Debate

9 October 2020

As Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris took part in their first and only face-off, we were reminded of what a somewhat functioning political debate looks like. The Vice Presidential debate had features of last week’s atrocious Presidential counterpart, but was far more forgiving on the senses; much of the structure and debated […]

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Film Review: I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

30 September 2020

I never like to describe a filmmaker as bizarre. Often in the modern world of big-budget blockbusters (admittedly movies I enjoy as much as anyone), that word can be misconstrued as somebody simply doing something original – something a bit out of the box. It’s a word often used to label the likes of David […]

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Review: Rhapsody of Ogygia by ORPH€A

23 September 2020

In our university, we have many successful up-and-coming musicians, and this rich talent is often displayed by STAR, especially by events such as the Bell Pettigrew Sessions. In this article, I’ll be exploring the most recent EP by Kristie, also known as ORPH€A, Rhapsody of Ogygia, with songs inspired by Homer’s Odyssey – so, as […]

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What To Watch: Captain Fantastic

12 September 2020

A beautiful stag pads into a forest clearing dappled with golden sunlight. It’s an Edenic paradise, and all is still. Then a teenage boy, caked in mud and grime, springs from the bushes and brutally stabs the deer through its heart. As it lies dying at his feet, the beast’s blood is smeared over the […]

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Hamilton’s True Villain Is Alexander Hamilton Himself

7 September 2020

I want to give you a word of warning, this article contains spoilers for the musical Hamilton.   Like millions of others during lockdown, I joined in the Disney+ fanfare and watched the musical Hamilton for the first time using their platform. I can’t pinpoint when I became obsessed but, long story short, my entire […]

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What to Watch: Tommy’s Honour

2 September 2020

It’s strange that given how picturesque St Andrews is, it doesn’t feature in very many films. Of course, the town is well known for its (unconvincing) doubling for Kent in Chariots of Fire, and Agnes Blackadder Hall is fleetingly glimpsed as the recovery centre in Never Let Me Go, but films set in and about […]

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What To Watch: High School Musical

19 August 2020

It wasn’t explicitly said, but everyone knew it: boys weren’t allowed to watch High School Musical. At least, that’s how it felt to me back in 2006 when the film first aired on the Disney channel. Even if a boy did watch it (which they could never admit), they certainly weren’t allowed to like it […]

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Quarantine Games To Keep You Sane

8 August 2020

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over four whole months since lockdown began in Scotland. Back in mid-March I was knee-deep in graded unit work, deciding where to accept a place at university and continuing to work my job in retail. Those first few weeks before/after lockdown began were some of the most gruelling […]

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