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President-ing In A Pandemic

3 August 2020

My name is Jamie, and until the 30th of June this year I was President of the Students’ Association at the University of St Andrews. While I wouldn’t say my former job ranks anywhere near the most challenging to do during a pandemic, the experience has at least been interesting enough that I think it’s […]

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A Drink For Every Semester Of Your Degree

15 July 2020

As you go through your time at university, you’re probably going to need a drink or two along the way. To that end, here is my list of the signature drink for each semester at St Andrews. Standard disclaimer: please drink responsibly, and at least try to finish your essays first. First Year, First Semester: […]

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Stop the BOP

2 August 2018

After a long week it’s finally Friday night, so what are your plans? Maybe you’re after a low key night at one of the many pubs and bars in town; there might be an event on at the Vic; or maybe you feel like dancing. But the only real club in St Andews is the […]

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20 November 2017

Calum Esler Picture this: you’ve been DJing in the Union for the past five years, you have your own kit and a passion for performance, however, you can’t play the music you want to play. This is a pretty tough situation for any creative individual and it’s the one that DJ, Liquid Alloy, has found […]

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21 September 2015

The Sabbatical team has announced that Friday club nights at Club 601 will change its name from P.U.L.L. back to The Bop, the name given to Friday nights in the past years. The change comes after a string of complaints from the student body about the sexually inappropriate nature of the name P.U.L.L. and the […]

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