by Cassie Naimie 

Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.

perceived as

Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

encouraging, progressing, and pushing forward? Or halting, jarring, freezing the journey?

It contains us. What we have created puts us in a box.

It makes the infinite finite.

Moments are created. How long do they last?

As creators of time, we can re-create it.

It doesn’t push us

It doesn’t stop us

We define it, hope exists.

Disremember the imagined regulator.

Make your own time.

It’s the entire compilation, not the photo in the frame.

No more ticks just,

Walks, jogs, kisses, hugs, Coffee, talks, raindrops, tears, Rays, laughs, dances, rests

525, 600 minutes is not how you measure a year