If the little mermaid had been a reality tv star, this would’ve been the ball for her. Partygoers swum around in blue and purple tinted lights, sipping fizzy wine and taking cute, cocky, and lured selfies in the thrones and chaise lounges. Statues of Poseidon’s posse made up the back edge of the room, adding a touch of Plato’s Greece to the ethereal décor. Tables of press-on tattoos and empty wine flutes circled the bare-all gods, contained on either side by a photography booth and an ice cream counter, courtesy of our beloved Jannetta’s. And, just to keep the whole set-up static with life, guests were joined by beautifully costumed Atlanteans on stilts.

DRAFP’s coincided on the same night as Drag Walk, and their headliner didn’t enter the stage until around midnight, so the early hours of the ball lacked some of the classic mob-dancing common to university balls. However, an early attendance was not met with disappointment—the back area was strategically peppered with instagrammable set-ups and seating areas, perfect for sipping cocktails and chatting with guests. We walked around the deep fuchsia lights with ice cream cones and drank gin and tonics until the night picked up in the main dance area. By the time our headliner, platinum club artist James HYPE, came onstage, the whole place was well packed and the mood was lively. HYPE absolutely lived up to his name, casually playing both sing-along Cardi B as well as traditional jump-around club music. Everyone had flocked to the front of the stage, dancing under the lasers and occasional strobe lights. Costumed contestants from Drag Walk had finally made it in by this point, challenging the stilted figures in their artistically bold and breathtaking clothes.

My night, like many, ended with a trip to the Blackhorn truck stationed just outside the main venue. Even leaving at 1:30am the place was still packed, and didn’t show any signs of dying out. This was an event which, in every way, can speak for itself with happy partygoers and hundreds of pictures littering our shared university social media. If you’ve had doubts about going to hall balls in the past, try DRAFP next year for a surefire worthwhile experience. Now, if you excuse me, I have some pictures to Instagram.