Euan Elder

Last Saturday marked a night full of celebration, beer and cheer. This year, the annual Graduation and Summer Ball took place on June the 24th, providing many graduates with the last chance to ‘let their hair down’ and party in St. Andrews. The programme for the night outlined many musical acts which included various DJs and the UK chart topping duo, Sigma. My friend, Rena, a fourth year English graduate, said that the atmosphere was “absolutely amazing”: she believes that the best part of the evening was seeing everyone dancing in the shadow of St. Salvator’s quad – the heart of our magical university. There is no doubt that this magnificent setting undoubtedly contributed to the night’s aura; it is a beauty that nobody can deny.

The Kilrymont Ceilidh Band was one of the night’s many significant successes. Even though people were still quite sober, Rena acknowledged that the country dancing was “surprisingly popular” due to how fun it is. No two left feet can stop you from having a laugh whilst you try to find the space to do a proper dosey-doe. Or that slightly awkward, but highly entertaining, moment when you and your partners keep kicking in the same direction during the Dashing White Sergeant. We can all agree that no matter how crazy nights are out clubbing, nothing is better than a good old’ ceilidh.

DJ Ashton Squires’ performance at the Blue Moon Stage was another hit at the ball. Despite the cheesiness of his song choices, “everyone was dancing and singing along and having an amazing time”. Rena stated that all of the people she “was with and spoke to said he was the best by far!” Both the ceilidh band and Squires’ performances made everyone come together and enjoy themselves for one last time. This exemplifies the notions of unity and congruity that St. Andrews thrives upon. No matter how many nights were spent having breakdowns over coursework and exams, our university provides amazing opportunities to create great friendships and incredible memories.

Rena also stated that there was something “extra special” about the evening compared to other great balls that she had gone to at university. Most people who attended the event were either graduating or seeing their friends graduate. Therefore, it was an extremely unique night, full of happiness and merriness, with lifelong friends who will never be forgotten. I am sure that many reunions have already been planned.

For those who are unsure whether to attend next year’s Graduation and Summer Ball, my conversation with Rena showed how she truly would have regretted not attending the event:

“It was a perfect way to say goodbye to St Andrews, and it was definitely St Andrews at its best, and most St Andrews-y (ceilidh, ice sculptures, Janettas ice cream, bubbly…”

I doubt there is any better way to end your time at university.