Henry Smith and Bertie Lumsden 

Between drunk driving bumper cars, eating champagne ice pops, and ordering drinks at any of the three extensive bars, attendees could sip to Cool Jazz, boogie on the main dance floor, or go to the VIP area.

Upon entering, guests were greeted by a glass of champagne and a Jazz band. Instead of playing classic, Jazz standards, they surprised fans of the genre with some fast, rhythmically complex bossas, rock beats, and some less obvious swing. The alto saxophone player wailed a few sound solos under the steady groove of an experienced bassist.

Later in the night, the room would turn into a smaller dance room and host brilliant sets from Content, Hamoosh and DJ QUEUE, providing a well put together and eclectic mix of more underground music for those who were less enamored by the relatively mainstream offerings on the other stages.

The main stage initially took a while to fill, with most guests piling into the VIP tent for an impressive Asquire throwback. What followed was a dynamic rap and grime set courtesy of Flor and Ahmed. Along with the music, the narrow room helped to boost the energy level; another room opposite the side of the entrance gave guests the ability to drink in peace.

The night progressed with bands taking to both the main and VIP stages, at which time the Main Stage started filling up. With lookers-on drinking around the perimeter, Stu played to the packed room, maintaining the crowd throughout his set with help of light-up, foam sticks. Felix Jaehn’s set featured conventional, party tracks, after which Max Dupac shook the venue with an impressive selection of underground dance tracks and slick transitions that brought the night to a close with chants of ‘one more tune.’

All in all, the event featured great stages with poppy tunes coming from nice speakers. More impressively, a wide range of genres was represented without taking away from the hype. In fact, the ability to move around and listen to different music played a big role in make the night a success. Rumors are an astonishing set was to be heard at smaller venue by East Sands later that night.