With nearly 2.3 thousand tickets sold, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s STARFIELDS 2019 promises to end Fresher’s Week in a 6 hour, 6 act blaze of house and electronica. Attendees will step into Lower College Lawn and be transported to “The Greatest Event of Freshers Week”. To prepare and inform our readers for this event, we had a few questions for the organisers…

What about STARFIELDS 2019, compared with the other events going on, makes it the “biggest night” of Freshers Week?

STARFIELDS is simply the most ambitious and most exciting event in freshers. It is an incredible logistical undertaking, which rivals professional music festivals, bringing acts from across the world to our tiny town for the weekend. The event celebrates the best moments of summer, from experiencing hit music live, dancing with your friends, enjoying delicious food and making the most of the final moments of summer sunshine. STARFIELDS brings the gloss and glamour of bigger music festivals and inserts it into St Andrews, thus making it one of the most dramatic and exciting events Freshers has to offer.

Can you tell me about the history of STARFIELDS and the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show?

We are one of the largest and most successful student-run fashion shows in the United Kingdom. In our 28th year, we aiming for increased sustainability and further involvement with our charitable partner. This year we are partnered with Fashion Revolution, a charity fighting the human cost of fashion.

What do you expect to see in terms of the fashion choices of attendees?

We want to see as much fashion swapping, thrifting and re-wear as much as possible. We are thrilled to be partnered with Fashion Revolution, which raises awareness of where the fashion we wear comes from. We think it’s important to acknowledge the human and environmental cost of our clothes. We hope our guests will join us in donning their best summer threads but also thrifting to best of their ability.

How would you describe the vibe and atmosphere you want to achieve at STARFIELDS 2019?

We want to create an atmosphere where guests can first and foremost feel relaxed and free. This is the last chance in Freshers to really let loose and we want people to feel truly excited about the energy our acts are bringing to St Andrews.

What makes STARFIELDS 2019 different from previous years?

Every year is different with incredible new headliners and food vendors. However, this year our focus is truly on sustainability. This is recognised in our efforts to promote sustainable practices from our vendors to the things we supply. We hope that this will encourage other events to follow suit and to put the planet first as much as possible in events.

What has been the most difficult technical challenge of running the event this year?

Sustainability, as our key goal, is obviously slightly difficult to manage technically. Of course, as with any organisation, we want to be completely ecologically sustainable. However, we are always limited by what is on offer, given our remote geographic location. However, we truly believe we have overcome many of these hurdles to present an event which will be truly exceptional.

Anything you’d want attendees to know before they arrive?

Yes! We are urging guests to be mindful of what they bring. We encourage all STARFIELDS 2019 attendees to buy nothing new for the event and instead to visit some of St Andrews’ wonderful charity shops or to swap with friends instead. We also urge guests to be mindful of their own waste and to consider the packaging etc they are consuming; which we, as a committee, will look to recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can.

STARFIELDS 2019 is on 4 PM to 10 PM Saturday, September 14th, 2019, with entry closing at 8 PM. All tickets have now sold out.