It might only be the beginning of March, but Spring is a mere seventeen days away, and boy am I ready. It’s been hinting its existence for a little while now, clear days where the temperature is that perfect neutral, the evening staying light later and later, and the unmistakable restless impatience of people ready to gather on the beach or stroll through a garden. My music habits have begun to change too, moving ever so slowly into the brighter, lighter, and playfully soft trends of my springs past. This past week, I’ve been listening to three albums in particular that are pulling me out of my cabin fever and pushing me headlong into spring’s long-awaited arrival.

Number one is Recto Verso by French duo Paradis. This one is from 2016 (alas, when times were better), with a mellow yet catchy electronic style that feels like the perfect bridge from the deep dark days of winter to the more tolerable rainstorms of spring. In my recent and obsessive search for good French music, I stumbled across this album and immediately felt the need to share it with everyone—it’s the perfect type of chill that is lowkey but never boring. The synth sounds are intoxicating and unique, and if you’re looking for something completely new, this album is for you. Even in my (admittedly) limited grasp on the French language, I am transfixed by the lyricism, so regardless of whether you speak the language, give this album a listen.
Best tracks: Instantane, Quand Tu Souris, De Semaine En Semaine.

Album number two is After Fillmore County by Vansire, recommended to me by a friend and an album I will in turn recommend to those reading this. It’s groovy, upbeat, with neat vocals and a distinctively clean feel. There’s a certain sparkle to this album, complimented by the addition of featured artists on several tracks, adding a layer of style to what you could categorize as a very simplistic album. I think dream-pop is the best genre to place this into, if any, but there are elements of a more stripped chillwave, and one could even argue acoustic inspiration. At a short 20 minute run-time, this is the perfect cool-down accompaniment, ideal for early mornings. Also, the album cover art alone should be enough to make you nostalgic for warmer weather, and that’s just as a good a reason as any!

Best tracks: Central Time, Reflection No. 6, The Latter Teens.

Lastly, Forever in Bloom by Vacations is the essence of spring beginnings. Indie pop that’s bright and buoyant, it practically guarantees a lighter mood. 2020 saw Vacations extending their EPs into full-fledged albums, ones we can’t wait to see more of if this is any indication. It’s simultaneously down to earth and lighter than air, and is versatile; regardless of your tastes, any track will put a pep in your step. You’ll probably have to tell your friends about it! Vacations is a


fantastic band that you should check out regardless—their whole discography feels like an idyllic spring morning spilling into afternoons spent picnicking and the like.
Best tracks: Avalanche, Panache, Something Here.

After a long, often painfully mundane winter, I think we deserve some new energy, and these are the albums that are emmenating that energy! Everyone has music that reminds them of a specific time, a feeling, a friend, but in keeping with the theme of spring, try something new, and branch out, if you will!