Kyle Van Oosterum 


  • Lead singer/songwriter: Anthony Kiedis.
  • Bass: Flea.
  • Drums/Percussion: Chad Smith.
  • Lead guitar/backing vocals: Josh Klinghoffer.

This summer I had the incomparable pleasure of seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform in Chicago with one of my best friends. What can I say? More than zombified teens and monolithic record companies, time really seems to be the biggest threat to bands nowadays, but like a fine bottle of wine – and believe me I’ve had a few, this institution of a band only improves with age. Let me explain:

If you’re anything like me then I know you’ve blasted “Can’t Stop” whilst you drive over the speed limit on a deserted highway, broken your speakers as you listen to the unforgettable chorus of “Under the Bridge”, and had a sad moment or two listening to “Scar Tissue.” But those songs are from a different era: “Can’t Stop” was written in 2003 and “Under the Bridge” in 1991 which was way before most people studying here were born! It’s 2017 now and more than half of the band are well into their 50’s, which certainly doesn’t scream “rock and roll” in terms of stereotypes. Also, I’m not the first one to notice that if you turn on the radio you won’t hear their new album, but you will hear ridiculously auto-tuned vocals accompanied by unoriginal beats.

So what about the new album? The Getaway offers a strong set of 13 songs to the listener, but it is certainly a departure. The first single “Dark Necessities” has a deliciously funky bass-line (only the best from Flea!) and is coupled with Anthony Kiedis’ poignant reflections on drug-addiction. Later on, we have an Elton John-inspired “Sick Love” – a nostalgic break-up song, with a summery warmth that’ll easily mellow you out. Rather than head-banging to “By the Way”, you can kick back and take a second to think about the melody in “The Hunter” invading your mind.

Why take my word for it? Once you start listening to that album you simply can’t stop.