Georgie Stafford of the Welly Ball committee grants some insight on St Andrews’ favourite boozy and bucolic ball of the year, coming up on the 10th of November.
How would you characterise this year’s Welly Ball? How does it differ from last year?
Welly Ball is in its eleventh year now and in honour of that we’ve returned to a more old-school party atmosphere, harking to Welly’s first years. Fundamentally, we aim to host a memorable party in aid of a brilliant charity, and that celebratory atmosphere is something we’ve really tried to engage with this year. We don’t want to give too much away about what Kinkell will look like on the night, but if you’re looking for clues the media we’ve released thus far should give you a good idea of the vibe. That said, the formula for welly ball works brilliantly, so much will remain the same. As ever the evening will be upbeat, with everyone dancing away in their wellies until closing!
What kind of music could one expect?
We have jazz bands in both the marquee and the main barn during the dinner. Then for the Afterparty we have a few student DJ’s, a live band and Ashton Squires. We find that the music get cheesier as the night progresses, so expect throwback singalong tunes that keep you dancing!
What to wear (besides wellies)?
One of the best things about Welly Ball is of course the chance to wear wellies with your black tie outfit of choice. For the boys, we encourage wearing the typical black tie getup of dress shirts and dinner jackets paired with trews (if you have them) and a bowtie to top it all off. For the ladies, short cocktail dresses are preferable in order to show off their footwear and avoid any muddy mess. 
Is there a particular element that attendees should be most excited about?
Every year we strive to add a new and exciting component to Welly Ball. As we don’t want to spoil any surprises, all we can say is that guests should look forward to a unique take on the classic marquee. 
Can you provide a little more information on the charity that Welly Ball is supporting this year?
For the fifth consecutive year, Welly Ball is delighted to be partnering the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust. CWMT raises awareness and support for young adults with mental health problems and to reduce associated stigmas. Welly Ball feels it is important to support a cause that directly affects many school and university students. The donation the Welly Ball last year has helped to fund the expansion of mental health training for GP’s both in Scotland and across the UK, increasing their ability to recognise mental health problems in their patients and offer practical assistance. With our continued support, CWMT plans to continue their work in schools and support of parents and carers, develop their GP programme and e-learning packages, and continue to provide mental health resources to schools and universities to meet growing demands.