Hugh M Casey




Melodies and people dancing beneath brightly strung lights, smiling, warm. Φαντασία. Simplicity untouched within Younger Hall. The inaugural event of Bacchanalia was smooth and carefree.

Between 9 pm and 2 am there was no silence. Quickly inside the door was quiet chat, laughter at the human statues guiding you into the main hall. The stage was filled all evening; bands followed one after another as rain poured outside. Those spurred by curiosity were lured down by Hades to have their fortune read, and later, to be greeted by Wax Collective and Slim Pickens in the early hours.

Bacchanalia was spatially invigorating. Breezed touches sat with comfort in the main hall: a life drawing couch and a well-lit Garden of Epicurus. Always gentle, always cordial, relaxed. Ἁρμονία. A crowd intermittent with togas, black ties, and painted student-statues coursed against the bar, danced before the folk singers, swooned below any of the outfits George Kakas played with.

There was some sense that more people could have attended the event. However, over 200 tickets were sold and the capacity was just over 400. Many came and moved through the different rooms which may have given the illusion of null space, yet I found this room personal, jovial. There were no expectations wrapped across wristbands, no segregation through VIP ballots, no slips over champagne corks. Ἐλευθερία. Everyone was welcome to do as please. Φιλία.

Truly, I hope Bacchanalia returns next year. It was an event where I felt completely relaxed. Yeah, the music played all night, aye, consistent with any requests that you may make of an event: A Capella, folk, indie, sax/funk, electronic. Bacchanalia was unique in many respects. The venue was no mere gimmick, Bacchus raised a glass.

Ἐπιτυχία – Success.